4 Easy To Do HALLOWEEN Costumes

halloween-celebs Well if it isn’t the time of the freak show again. And I’m loving every minute of it. Actually I’ve rarely donned a Halloween costume per se, but more like allowed myself to go over the top with some creepy or way too sexy items that I’d never wear otherwise: heavy costume style makeup, black lips, vampire fangs, long creepy nails (well in my case, it don’t have to be Halloween for that), cat ears, face masks, wigs et all.

In other words easy peasy gimmicks you can do for Halloween if you’re 3 things: lazy (but still don’t wanna miss on the celebration), financially responsible (so you don’t want to over-spend) and 3) you still wanna look hot in that creepy cute sort of way. 53bace9a1aeda8b581d54aa483322229 Besides, if you’re heading to a fancy party or just going out for dinner and drinks with your family and friends I’m also one to think that a little face mask, veil, interesting hat, makeup, one over-the-top item you’re wearing or painting on yourself is way better, at least in terms of comfort, than an overall costume suit. But again I’m just speaking from my experience and taste, as I know the moment I’d show up on Halloween in some Marilyn Monroe attire or a massive vegetable or animal suit, that’s it for me. The night would already be compromised, as I’d worry too much on how I’d move or get around looking like a massive eggplant or God knows what animal. Not to mention drinking, eating and dancing, now those would be real challenges.

So instead, I’m always one to love these on others and applaud the courage on their Halloween costume choices while in my head I’m all: ”Thank God I’doing just this pink wig tonight.”

With this in mind, and the comfort we need to feel when we’re out celebrating I’ve put together 4 easy ideas we can all do for this year’s Halloween in less than one hour maybe and on a budget. halloween-costume-ideas-masks (2) 1. CAT EARS HEADBANDS. Nothing will ever beat these for Halloween. They’re affordable, easy to do (you just put them in your hair), they look absolutely fantastic with any outfit, and the styles and sizes they come in are so many, you literally choose to go from sweet, to sexy, to silly. Click here for more.

Hair up or down, some red lips and you’re good to go. halloween-cat-ears-masks-id 2. LACE (or not) FACE MASKS. The lace ones with cat ears or not look very sexy in a retro boudoir kinda way. Even ’50 Shades of Grey’ style, but unless you’re willing to deal with all the innuendo and looks of such a look, you might consider leaving it for er… some other time.

I always thought there was something very refined and elegant, luxurious, mysterious and seducing about a mask for Halloween. Like half face mask. It implies a bit of that fantasy: vampires-meet-at-the-ball-world, a bit or aristocracy, a bit of decadence in a very seductive luxurious sort of way. halloween-costume-ideas-lace-mask (2) halloween-costume-ideas-lace-mask (3) halloween-costume-ideas-lace-mask (4) halloween-costume-ideas-lace-mask halloween-costume-ideas-masks (3) halloween-costume-ideas-masks (4) halloween-costume-ideas-masks (5) halloween-costume-ideas-masks halloween-ideas-lace-masks halloween-masks-ideas sexy-halloween-masks 3. MAKEUP IDEAS. If you know your way with brushes, colors and all the makeup attire, or you’re a makeup artist, this is probably the most fun you can have, and you’ll always end up looking unique. You can do anything from a bold makeup you wouldn’t otherwise wear, to a freakish face inspired by vampires or zombies.

Also you can do so many great combos with makeup and a face mask, a lace veil, a hat, vampire fangs. You get the idea. halloween-costume-ideas-cat-makeup halloween-costume-ideas-makeup (2) halloween-costume-ideas-makeup (3) halloween-costume-ideas-makeup (4) halloween-costume-ideas-makeup (5) halloween-costume-ideas-makeup halloween-costume-ideas-makeup-vampire halloween-vampire-looks-ide 4. WIGS. These are definitely the easiest and most statement items you can do, just make sure you go for a complete different look.  I love those crazy colored wigs in pink, fuchsia, green, neon, blue… Style wise, it’s all up to you to have fun with makeup and different outfits from something that screams pop culture, to some retro doll, to a dancing queen, pop star etc. halloween-costume-ideas-colored-wigs halloween-hair-makeupideas Given that I’m probably the laziest bitch out there I’ll probably end up at next Friday’s party in a pink wig, or some half face mask. This I would actually love if I find one tomorrow. My hair down, red lips, fake lashes and just a good all black outfit.

Have a great weekend y’all! xoxo