Dressing for work this summer should not be a hassle if you’ve thoroughly prepared and researched how to best equip your wardrobe for your peace of mind and the industry you’re working for. Huge businesses have chosen the dress code as a manner to reflect their stability and honesty on the market and improve appearance.

So, no matter which industry you’ve chosen it would be necessary to opt for something that will make you feel alive in your job, feel comfy and improve your company’s image without stressing yourself to death. Keep in mind that today’s business code must reflect professionalism and wellbeing, so no matter what you choose to wear today, make sure you both feel and look great. Here are a few business outfit ideas you might enjoy for your nine-to-five office job: 

The Floral Dress with Knee High Boots

Regardless of where you work choosing outfits that can easily reflect your company’s personality and makes you feel flawless is the best thing you can do. A formal but always comfy outfit should convey the environment you are working in, your company’s mission, goals, ethics and expectations.

However, choosing to wear that alluring floral dress together with those knee-high boots is the perfect choice because no matter the season you won’t have to give up those flawless pair of boots, especially if you can nicely combine them with a floral dress. This combination allows you to feel comfortable and professional while turning heads in the office.

A Pastel Colored Pantsuit Set

Opting for a pastel coloured pantsuit won’t cause you a hole in the budget and will make you feel in-style for the meetings. This choice will shorten your dressing time in half since you can avoid a lot of the match-and-mix situation. So, make sure you have at least two pieces in your wardrobe if you’re planning to ease your mornings.

A Plaid Blazer, White T-shirt and Jeans

As mentioned, dressing for success this summer should not cause you a hole in the budget. When no one suggests a dressing code you can come up with one for yourself. Thus, you can either opt for a business suit to fit your company’s image or just a simple plaid blazer with jeans to fit your job’s image and your needs. A plaid blazer worn over a simple white t-shirt will always look flawless with a pair of heels.

Classy Jeans with A Striped Collar Shirt

Classy Jeans will never get old and you already know it. Having at least 4 pairs of classy pair jeans in your wardrobe can save you a lot of time in the most difficult mornings. However, we advise you to give your button-down shirt a break and select one with stripes as an alternative together with a comfy pair of jeans to maintain your look elevated and fresh.

Printed Blazer with High Waist Trousers

It’s the perfect time to replace those black and navy winter blazers for a brightly-coloured alternative this summer. Bring more colour into your work-life and dear to combine the best choice of a coloured printed blazer with a pair of high-waisted summer trousers.

When it comes to perfect outfit choice for this summer make sure you find styles to suit your needs and your company’s description but try to never overlook how certain outfits make you feel.

xoxo D.

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