There’s no denying that Breitling has conquered the sky and the seas with its impressive line of aviation and nautical timepieces. The technological prowess, immaculate precision and hardy performance of Breitling watches make them the gear of choice for explorations everywhere –be it thousands of metres underwater or thousands of kilometres into outer space.

But what about the good people back on plain old land? While Breitling has been the trusted equipment for aviators, pro deep water divers and extreme sportsmen, the brand is equally loved for ordinary wear –so to speak, because when it’s a Breitling, it will always be extraordinary!

The thing I love about Breitling watches is that they’ve got something for everybody. Whether you’re looking for timepieces that are casual or formal, extravagant or understated, rugged or rustic, sporty or simple, Breitling watch collection at popular Indian retailers, like Ethos Watch Boutiques, are simply a treat to devour.

You must be wondering why I’d recommend obviously aviation/sports/diving-inspired watches for daily wear! Here’s the deal: while any regular old wristwatch is a perfectly sound choice as well, Breitling’s aviation and nautical watches offer greatly enhanced benefits. Consider this, Breitling watches have been especially designed keeping the requirements of and environments encountered by aviators, divers, and navigators. Which means they’re built to endure just about everything –from sand and sea to sun, snow and sky, meaning, they take reliability, durability, precision and power to entirely unprecedented levels, as compared to regular wear watches.

But what really sets apart Breitling watches for daily wear is the exquisite sense of aesthetics added to the technological genius. Breitling presents a fine mix of luxury, aesthetics, and technology –a trio that stands testament to the very nature of fine watchmaking. Here’s a peak at some of the models that showcase the wide spectrum of designs, making each timepiece ideal for different occasion and wear:


While the Superocean Heritage range is designed for divers, it works wonders on dry land just as well!

Shades of silver and black bring about a sophisticated and stylish look in this timekeeper. Not too loud, not too jazzy, the simple and understated design makes it a comfortable choice for any occasion. You could suit it up or dress it down with casual attire, and it’ll transition seamlessly from formal to casual, night to day. And if you’re in the mood for a little dip in the pool, jump right in with this baby still strapped strong. Designed for divers (who have a super sense of style, I must say!), this Breitling watch comes with water resistance of up to 200 metres.


When a quirky sense of style is sweeping the streets these days, this is the watch you go for. The bright yellow dial beams beautifully on your wrist, strapped in with a hardy black rubber strap. The dull, metallic grey casing adds a balancing touch to the otherwise black and yellow palate. The design may be sporty, but it’s totally on trend!

This one’s great for an informal day out on the town. And oh, if you ever fancy a casual little dive 3000 metres into the deep blue, go right ahead!


Thought Breitling watches were all about the sporty? Well, here’s a timepiece with such an elegant finish that it looks anything but sporty. But at the end of the day, it is a watch made for the seas, so you can happily take this beauty snorkelling and swimming up to 200m.

Simplistic and minimalistic in design all the way, the Superocean Heritage collection characteristically eliminated numerical hour markers, opting instead, for simple steel cut markers. The blue strap and bezel issue a positively regal and refined effect –making this timepiece a winner at formal affairs.


Here’s a timepiece that’s got all the right amounts of traditional design elements to make it classical favourite among professionals (and I mean the 9-5 office kinds, not the pro aviation or diving variety!).

The steel link strap is the true mark of a traditional timepiece. But add to that a slightly busy dial with big markings, and you’ve got a bit of fun added to the formal. Looks like a classic timepiece, but here’s the catch –it can go up to 500m underwater without complaint! It’s efficient, watertight and pressure-resistant qualities ensure a sturdy build –yet another feather in the cap of Breitling watches’ nautical prowess. But for daily wear, think of it as a super sturdy style statement!


A glamorous addition to the Breitling collection, this Chronomat is just right for the kind of guy who loves all things luxurious.

A plush brown leather strap holds the stately gold and steel casing together. Hour, minute and second markers coupled with a tachymeter, date window and 3 sub-dials, make up the multifunctional edge of this timepiece. Crafted for aviation, this watch promises to do just that –send your style quotient soaring high into the sky!

With such gorgeous designs, would you ever be able to tell that Breitling is fundamentally made for aviators, divers and navigators? More like high fashion supermodels, I’d say!

Have a great week my loves and check out the Breitling Watches Shop here. 


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