That’s like saying how to not look stupid while breaking 80s dance moves. Both situations are beautifully sitting on the next to impossible scale. However… a black blazer outfit is a scenario worth playing.

We live in the year of plaid blazers. Period. Everyone is wearing one to the point of outfit saturation. Girls in whatever outfits put one on, with heels or moto boots and are the spitting image of cool kids. #overit

The look is amazing if not for its redundancy than for bringing back the blazer as the new jacket. And in this fashion journey it hit me right this morning when I shared a photo of a white silk button-down and blue mom jeans that this outfit would look so office complete, in 90s-80s glam-casual-style with a black blazer on top.

While 2017 saw the re-birth of this jacket in plaid, did it really kill the classic black sleek blazer? NEVER. However this little sucker was left behind so wearing one these days without a few nips and tricks might make you look boring if not dated.

How to do the black blazer outfit for office in 2018 winter? 

YES, black blazer for office. Groundbreaking I know. Yet we all have one and we do occasionally fall into the old-habits of this look because it’s so easy to do. No matter what you are wearing the minute you put on a black blazer it polishes that outfit and makes it look professional.

Nonetheless in 2018 it’s not a question of HOW to wear a black blazer, but WHAT black blazer to wear. It’s the jacket itself that makes all the basic slash boring difference, not so much how you wear it.


  • longer blazers
  • structured shoulders
  • big gold/silver buttons
  • slightly oversized but not slouchy
  • luxe and expensive looking
  • sleek
  • very good tailoring

Stay away from:

  • tiny black blazers (above your hip)
  • super tight
  • too cinged at the waist
  • cheap looking material
  • layered with longer fitted tops

Tips & tricks for styling a black blazer outfit for office?

Keep. It. Professional. You can either wear it as part of a power suit and go full on 80s to office slaying! OR you can wear it as an office jacket and layer until you drop, cause it’s winter, and it’s a perk of the cold season.

Black blazer outfit:

  • jeans, shirt, turtlenecks, button-down, fitted tops, sweaters
  • dressy pants, came tops, t-shirts, shirts, all the above
  • pencil skirts
  • dresses
  • stiletto heels, block heels, boots, sneakers
  • fur coats, coats

Unlike a plaid blazer that’s more casual and chic sophisticated in a very cool kinda way, the black blazer is pure gold. It’s sleek, timeless, the definition of powerful and sexy. It’s glam, subtle, sophisticated and elegant.

To nail all these things and stir away from boring or dated make sure you chose high quality pieces, great fabric black blazers, more structured and longer silhouettes. I also happen to think that tiny bling details, like buttons help with the luxe factor.

Street style:


Get the look:


I don’t know about you… but I’m kinda team black blazer here, just cause I’m that girl that loooooves a great trend (plaid blazer I’m looking at you), but I’m also hating it the minute it’s too in my face. Maybe I’m an idiot. Who the hell knows anymore… but if there’s anything I’ve learned in my humble existence it’s to never go with all the flow and always pick the sleek staples.

Amen to that.

xoxo D.

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  1. joycew.skidmore says:

    First one in black inspired me a lot . My dream is to buy this one instead of black fur leather jacket . Thanks

  2. Aaron A. Dennis says:

    I love black colour of Cafe Racer Jackets! Even my wife loves too. Nice look! Great post . Really like it :)

  3. joycew.skidmore says:

    i am glad to enjoyed this post because black is my most favorite color and my wardrobe one portion contains a blazer and another portion contain black Biker Motorcycle Leather Jacket .. i am planning to buy last one blazer in black for my sister.. Keep it up .

  4. Jennifer Smith says:

    I love black color of blazer! Even my husband loves too. Nice look! Great post hun. Really like it


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