Old-school like, chic, office wear inspired, effortless, back in the day supermodels of 80s and 90s style, Kim Basinger look, Cindy Crawford hair, 2018 French chic, Americana coolness, looks like a boss, walks like a model, loves coffee and wearing lipstick. Somewhere in all this beautiful clashing mess long oversized blazers became the it stars of the season.

Truth is, the blazer never left fashion, but after 2000’s (give or take a few years) tiny skinny blazers, soft sans shoulder pads, blazers were no longer the go-to-cool piece. At best they were the go-to-must-wear-office-jacket, that nobody loved but everyone had to wear to work.

Fast forward a few years and starting with a couple of years back the blazer tried so hard to make its comeback and become that cool it jacket again, bless its heart, that it was eventually bound to happen.

2018 Fall season has office wear and old-school inspired blazers written all over it. Prada, Stella McCartney, Dries van Noten, Jil Sander took the blazer to a whole new level and tbh it’s so great to see this dusted old jacket fresh again. Even young if I may say so.

The Long Oversized Blazers of 2017 Autumn

This season’s blazer is a version of the 80s slouchy padded shoulder blazer with a touch of those 90s Versace and Chanel glam styles meet 90s Beverly Hills boyfriend blazers, all wrapped up in a very chic, classic, loose and relaxed 2018 style.

The style blazer everyone is wearing these days is long, past your bum, or just long enough to cover it, it has padded shoulders (lighter or heavier depending on its style and your preference), and a boyfriend oversized cut. Very long sleeves, double breasted, faux pockets, checkered, and very Burberry inspired.

From here on – everything else is just fashion game, and having fun with outfit combos and blazers styles per se.

However everyone in 2017 autumn is leaning a lot towards brown shades on checkered double breasted blazers in very very boxy XXL cuts.

For a more glam or polished style opt for monochromatic blazers in classic colours like grey, white, blue, black or green. Go for the same oversized cut.

How to wear long oversized blazers in 2017-2018?

To say yet again “wear it with everything” is kinda redundant but so true. Bottom line is – wear it instead of your classic leather jacket.

Maybe even go further as to replace your lather jackets this year with blazers of all sorts. Yes the look may not be so edgy and so minimal cool (jeans + white tee + leather jacket), but it can be such a great style challenge to replace your jackets this autumn with long oversized blazers, that it may just become the fashion boost we were all dying to see happen.

Therefore – when I say wear it with anything, what I really mean is this:

  • jeans
  • t-shirts
  • turtlenecks
  • block heels
  • sneakers
  • knit dresses
  • fluid flowy tea-dresses
  • maxi dresses
  • culottes
  • cutoffs
  • hoodies
  • leggings
  • knits
  • layered with coats, leather jackets, scarfs, denim jackets, fur vests

Where to wear long oversized blazers?

From weekend brunches in sneakers and leggings, to casual work days in jeans and heels, to smart days in tailored pants and button-downs – the long blazer can be your new best friend.

When paired with very casual pieces such as denim and t-shirts it makes it all look so chic, and when it’s paired with more feminine outfits, such as stiletto sandals and a flowy feminine tea-dress it looks incredibly sophisticated, and of course when you wear it with the same range pieces it just brings it all together into a very powerful office ensemble.

Accessorise it with micro bags for a more fun take on the whole smart blazer look, of go for the classic version of the big boxy bag, tote inspired, structured and serious. Gold pieces are my fave to pair with brown checkered long blazers, and a pair of massive sunglasses for that classic 2018 vibe, or go for very small frames a la 90s for a very Brenda Walsh style.

That’s it. I am sold on this long oversized blazer look and trend, and as the biggest leather jacker lover out there I’m going to team blazer for this season.

more street style inspo:



Best big blazers to shop for.

Some of my fave long oversized blazers below:


Or just borrow your man’s blazer, you know?! :)

What do you think about this comeback and look?

xoxo D.




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