Just a second ago I was thinking – were I not pregnant right now – what would I wear? An d’you know what I miss most besides proper jeans and maybe a crop top? A pair of great CULOTTES. It’s wild really how my fashion cravings go… just like food cravings tbh, cause you’d think you’d crave what you love most (like pizza, or salty chips, or hoops, floral dresses, stilettos par example)… but nope. You actually crave the craziest things in the world.

Culottes. Really. Like the only time I ever wore them was only as a second choice. A style backup. I LOOOOVE them on others, and I always lusted for a great pair that would look as great on me as they did on those beautiful fashion bloggers. But then… I never really did find that pair. Never really searched for it either.

Bottom line is pregnancy is giving me wild wild wild cravings. Apparently of the fashion kind too.

So what do you do when you find yourself mid-day craving culottes? Well… you wonder whether or not they’re still in fashion 2018. Are they?

Can we still wear culottes this summer AND look great?

I only realise now… what a stupid question I’m asking.

Never mind.

*raises hand and asks the Q again*


Are culottes still in fashion 2018?

Would it make any difference if they weren’t? But they are!!!!!!!! *throws confetti around*

I think it’s been a while since they’ve traded their trendiness for their staple worthiness. And hallelujah that they did, because they do make one hell of a pants style: versatile, cool, sophisticated, minimal, grown-up, granny chic, just chic, elegant, simple, classy, boho…

Perhaps the way to wear them in 2018 is slightly different, or perhaps their styles are different. However it may be I do think ANY culottes style works just fine as long as the personal style is great. You see… I’m an old school soul, so I still buy that it’s-not-what-you-wear-but-how-you-wear-it-crap.

Or maybe I’m just old.

And maybe that’s precisely why I’m craving culottes. The grown-up version of shorts, you know.

Whatever the reasons, I couldn’t care less. I love them and for me they’re a staple worth styling over and over and over again.


What culottes to wear in 2018?

Denim culottes are the hottest things around. I think it was a few summers ago that they had their first appearance but didn’t quite stick. Well, well, well… fast forward to this summer and they’re the new skinnies.

They’re cool, sophisticated, loose and sexy, casual, look great with flats of all sorts and heels too.



White and black culottes are on point this summer with minimal style on the rise. They make fantastic office outfits too.



Linen, beige, yellow, orange, khaki styles. Earth tones, beachy vibes, boho minimal styles are in, alongside the straw bags for example.



Where to wear culottes in 2018?

Depending on the cut, the fabric, the style, and the personal style… culottes go everywhere.

  • office
  • events
  • cocktails
  • dinners
  • beach
  • festivals
  • casual situations
  • weekends
  • meetings
  • brunches
  • weddings

Why are culottes still so cool?

Besides being the greatest combo of granny-chic meets boho chic meets sophisticated/minimal boss lady – the secret lies in  their cut and style.

Exposed ankles always look delicate, feminine, and sexy. Pockets are always casual cool. A high waist always elongates. With sneakers or flats they look extra chic and laid back, with heels they’re hot and relaxed.

What more do you want?

Shop the look:



Any other weird, funny, cool, or uncool fashion cravings around? Let’s share people. :)

xoxo D.






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