I am already assuming I sound redundant, if not, even slightly obsessed. Well… slightly might be a too easy word for describing myself. Anyway, those who know me know I am obsessed with A LOT of stuff, A LOT of stuff. That wasn’t a typo, just repeating to make sure you understand. One of my lifetime obsessions has to do with denim cut off shorts. I’ve worn them since the 90s and probably never passed on cutting pair of old jeans in favour of some cool cut offs.

Here I am, just a few years ahead, slightly older, but a lot wiser (FYI – lying to myself is on occasion a trait I am guilty of. judge away.), still coveting the same obsession. I mean look. Talk about never growing up. Moving on…

Introspection aside, from somewhere in the 70s to today, cut off shorts in various shapes, forms, and sizes have been present in our wardrobes, and throughout our summer days, usually in casual looks and styles, beachy, sporty, relaxed outfits.

boyfriend-denim-cut-off-shorts boyfriend cut off shorts

A lifetime of denim shorts did not pass by sans the fashion benefits. Today, there are so many ways to wear cut offs, in any season, for any occasion – that no wonder time + sartorial creativity has turned these once sporty bohemian attires into a staple. We can even wear them to the office these days. Of course I ain’t talking about those borderline knicker ones, but rather the bermuda shorts styles – knee long, a bit oversized, with heels and a blazer on top. Very smart chic.

And speaking of oversized, 2015 hot season is screaming at us to ditch the tight cut off shorts, which can look a bit tacky at times, for more baggy versions, BOYFRIEND styles, oversized in all lengths, colours, ripped or not, DIY or not. The bigger the better.

boyfriend-denim-cutoffs-summer-trend-8 boyfriend-denim-cutoffs-summer-trend-11 boyfriend-denim-shorts-looks-3

With the un-necessary prolongation aside, I give you the 5 great ways in which we can wear boyfriend cut off denim shorts this spring and summer.


Easy peasy, this style being at the very core of the cut off shorts, since forever.

How to get the look? Tennis shoes, chucks, sneakers + T-shirt, tank top, sweatshirt, bomber jacket, baseball cap. You can add bold lips, wild hair, crazy bling to make it more urban chic.

boyfriend-denim-shorts-looks-10 cutoffs-summer-looks-styles-6


Again a classic old-school, borderline predictable cut offs style, but oh-so-irrezistable and summer-friendly.

How to get the look? Brown ankle boots, flip flips, slides, espadrilles, sandals + bustier tops, cropped tees, lace bohemian tops, kimonos, fringe, head-pieces.

boyfriend-denim-cutoffs-summer-trend-5 boyfriend-denim-cutoffs-summer-trend-7 cut off shorts


The fashion editors on weekends looks. This style is the definition of relaxed no-fuss chic, perfect for actually any occasion.

How to get the look? Flat shoes, brogues, oxfords + button down shirts, hats, massive bags, shades.

boyfriend-denim-shorts-looks-2 boyfriend-denim-shorts-looks-4


If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Think putting a glam vibe in any of the above looks, a la Rihanna, Bey and so on.

How to get the look? Heels are usually involved + bling + loose tops, bold lips.

cut off shorts cutoffs-summer-looks-styles-3


This is the model-off-duty uniform, it’s badass, relaxed, effortless and it’s all about the shoes.

How to get the look? Biker boots + shirts, tees, blouses, jackets.

boyfriend-denim-cutoffs-summer-trend-10 boyfriend-denim-shorts-looks-6 cutoffs-summer-looks-styles-2 cutoffs-summer-looks-styles-5

Of course, when it comes to cutoffs the outfits combos are infinite. Literally. It’s all a matter of personal style mixed with spur of the moment, occasion et all.

boyfriend-denim-cutoffs-summer-trend-1 boyfriend-denim-cutoffs-summer-trend-2 boyfriend-denim-cutoffs-summer-trend-12 boyfriend-denim-shorts-looks-1 boyfriend-denim-shorts-looks-5 boyfriend-denim-shorts-looks-7 boyfriend-denim-shorts-looks-9 cutoffs-summer-looks-styles-1 cutoffs-summer-looks-styles-4 cutoffs-summer-looks-styles-7

Like I’ve previously said — best part about these shorts? You don’t have to buy them, you can so easily DIY your old jeans. Cut them, and rip them, and them cut them and rip them some more. Just be careful not to end up, by the end of summer with all your jeans, turning into ex-long-jeans aka cutoffs. Guilty as charged of this stupid behaviour. Ah well… would’t be the first nor it shall be the last.

Especially with the weekend coming and all.

Peace out! xoxo

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