6 Looks For Your Summer Holiday

summer-holiday-fashion (4)The best part of our summer holidays, apart from getting to the exotic destinations & the relaxing time in the sun, is definitely the fashion that comes with it. Getting ready, packing tons of summer clothes, outfits, bikinis, shoes, bags, beach towels… ah! Sure, the moment we get there – to wherever we’re gonna lounge for days and days in the sun – we end up wearing pretty much the same things, as we get in the holiday mood and basically can’t be bothered with cool outfits anymore. So here’s a little something to trigger the inspiration on looks for your summer holiday. summer-holiday-fashion

summer-holiday-outfitsYet there are a few looks we HAVE to do when on holiday. Why? Well… because it’s the only place where we can actually wear some of the clothes, and why waste and regret a fashion opportunity, right?

1. BIKINIS (doh), but I mean have fun with it all and go wild and creative with mismatched bikinis in funky prints and colors, do the retro styles with the fitted high waisted bottoms, and why not (on the last days, when your sun-tanning is pretty much done) rock a one-piece swimsuitbeach-fashion-bikinisbikini-looks-summer-holidays (2)bikini-looks-summer-holidays (3)bikini-looks-summer-holidays (4)bikini-looks-summer-holidays (5)bikini-looks-summer-holidays (6)2. ACCESSORIES like hats, baseball caps, or head-wraps are a must on summer holidays. Slap a pair of shades to go with them to protect your pretty face, and also to nail that beach coolness. Round shades, cat eyes, mirror lenses, wayfarers, or funky as hell sunglasses shapes to Instagram – just pick your poison. beah-looks-fashion (9)summer-holiday-fashion (7)summer-holiday-fashionAlso have fun with thin jewelry, stack on colored bracelets and tons of rings, and give the body-jewelry look a try. Love these! beah-looks-fashion (3)beah-looks-fashion (6)beah-looks-fashion (7)summer-holiday-fashion (11)summer-holiday-fashion (12)bikini-look-body-jewelrybikini-looks-summer-holidays3. DRESSES are a MUST on your summer vacation for both the beach as for dinner out by the sea. From chiffon styles, to flirty ones to jersey dresses, long sleeved, thin straps, bare backs, lingerie/bikinis exposed, super short, maxis, printed, white, black, lace…you name it, it’ll be perfect. mini-dress-beach-looks (2)Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetmini-dress-beach-looks (4)mini-dress-beach-looks (5)mini-dress-beach-looksmaxi-dress-beach-look (2)maxi-dress-beach-look (3)maxi-dress-beach-lookmaxi-skirt-beach-styleShoes wise – when it comes to summer holidays I’m all for flat shoes, flip-flops, gladiator sandals, espadrilles and maybe sneakers. Heels? Not so much, although I always pack a pair (okay 2 actually: classic pumps & stiletto strappy ones), cause I’d rather be safe than sorry. summer-holiday-fashion (8)summer-holiday-looks (4)Bag wise – a massive beach bag is a must have. A cross body bag for when you’re not at the beach but talking tours, walking, going out to eat, and maybe a clutch for evening. Just in case you know. summer-holiday-looks (3)summer-holiday-fashion (5)4. CUTOFFS, cause seriously, no summer holiday is ever complete without these. Fitted, loose, super short, or longer versions, high waisted, there are tons of styles you can pick from, OR you can just DIY a pair of old jeans that look fab on your bum. ;) beah-looks-fashion (8)Cutoffs save the days and the nights when on vacation, cause they go for the beach with or without tees or tank tops, but they also go for daytime when you’re out for walks paired with crop tops, bustiers, loose tank tops you tie the knot on… OR for evenings paired with more fancy tops and why not even heels and a clutch. This look is perfect as it’s effortless and balanced in a very cool and chic kinda way. beach-look-cutoffscutoffs-summer-style5. SHORTS you gotta wear, especially those super short ones in neon colors, bright shades, crazy prints, or those black and white lace styles. Where else are you gonna wear them if not here? summer-shorts-beach-looks (2)summer-shorts-beach-looks (3)summer-shorts-beach-looks6. ALL-DENIM. Okay, this is a personal favorite of mine, just because I love the look of an all denim outfit anytime, especially when on holiday. Whether you do the denim cutoffs & denim bustier, the denim cutoffs & denim shirt, the denim little dress, the denim overall – it’s your choice, but I’m telling you it’ll look amazing. I never go anywhere without my denim shirt, and always end up living in it. beach-look-all-denimsummer-holiday-style-all-denim (2)summer-holiday-style-all-denim (3)summer-holiday-style-all-denim (4)The most important thing though when on holiday is to have fun and let your personal style take over any stupid trend or fashion pas or faux pas. It’s about feeling free, feeling great and enjoying every moment of it all regardless of any sartorial do or don’t.

But just in case… here are more summer holiday pics for your inspiration. summer-style-looksbeah-looks-fashion (2)beah-looks-fashion (4)beah-looks-fashion (5)beah-looks-fashion (10)beah-looks-fashionsummer-holiday-fashion (2)summer-holiday-fashion (3)summer-holiday-fashion (9)summer-holiday-fashion (10)summer-holiday-looks (2)summer-holiday-looks (6)summer-holiday-looks (7)Hope you enjoyed this. Have a great weekend! :) xoxo