Last Sunday was a good day. I ate like a normal person, I had a good outfit on,  2018 SAG awards red carpet happened, and… 1) it was absolutely gorgeous, with metallic gowns and bold colourful dresses being centre stage, 2) ‘This is us’ being the winner of the night, and 3) The Pearsons killing it in blue. I truly think, from the bottom of my heart Mandy Moore looked beyond stunning. Glamorous simplicity in blue! Best of the night and one of my fave looks on the red carpet ever!


2018 SAG Awards Red Carpet – BEST DRESSED

YES, Mandy Moore owned the red carpet, or maybe it’s just me on this one, but that Ralph Lauren blue sequin simple dress was stunning. It’s her colour for sure. I loved the makeup, the hair, so simple, so effortless. Altogether she looked like she just woke up, stood in a makeup chair for 15 minutes, finger-combed her bed-head hair, put some perfume on and slipped into the most seductive dress ever. I used to hate blue… now I don’t anymore.

Actually all the Pearsons on the show showed up in blue dresses and looked gorgeous! Like Susan Kelechi Watson. She’s one of the most beautiful women out there, she can wear whatever she wants, she’ll nail it 100%, but this cobalt blue dress…. shut the front door.

The moment I saw Kristen Bell’s dress I let a loud ‘oh my god’ slip. BEYOND beautiful. It’s not the dress as much as that colour that is making this look a show stopping moment. It’s so princess style but somehow it doesn’t bother me because it has that glam simplicity to it, and it’s all complimented by the hair, makeup and spot-on jewellery. LOVED it.

Reese Witherspoon continued the colour explosion with the most beautiful and cold shade of green, a very tricky colour if you ask me, but it fits her like a glove. Again, I think the colour is the star, not necessarily the dress. A clean, simple, elegant red carpet look. I didn’t really like the upper part, but I kinda like the whole vibe. So…

Another dress, another colour. Again… I might be alone in this, or maybe I’m losing it or something but I kinda liked Sydelle Noel‘s dress. Man, that yellow is killing me, and that Beyonce Lemonade vibe the dress has, it’s giving me life! I would’ve liked the upper part to be less ruffled, but I don’t care. The colour and that flowy bottom part, the no necklace (naked jewellery statement), and big hair – they’re making this look a best for me.

And then there were the cape dresses. Y’all know I’m not like a massive fan, but if it’s beautiful and dramatic, and I sigh… I’m sold. I don’t know who she is, but Renee Bargh is one powder blue goddess! That dress, that cut, the front cut, the brooch, the way the dress drapes and falls, how it’s fitted but it’s flowy… I wanna go and literally buy everything in baby blue right now and wear it.

Laura Linney looked so elegant and dainty. That pink shade goes perfectly with her complexion and her hair.

Of course Tracee Ellis Ross killed it! She’s such a red carpet queen. I love white dresses. Period. And this particular one I loved that it’s simple but intricate, with the front slit, and the half cape. The fact that she went for white shoes and white clutch is making an even more elegant statement. She’s glowing and looks incredibly old-school elegant with a dash of edge.

It’s not a cape, and it’s not a train, but it turned heads and made my heart skip a beat. Yara Shahidi was one of 2018 SAG Awards red carpet’s queens of style. Again simplicity, minimal jewellery, natural beautiful hair – the whole look will remain a red carpet moment, I think. It’s a simple (maybe too simple) black pantsuit that just slays! Period. She’s absolutely gorgeous, insanely beautiful, and looks so fierce, which helps too, cause it looks like she’s wearing the gown not the other way around.

And who doesn’t love Millie Bobby Brown‘s look. Red carpet and sneakers. If anyone could rock this it’s her. She’s still a kid, so this look is pure perfection, as she’s just having fun and not bothering with high heels, grownup accessories, yet she’s still doing a red carpet dress. Cape dress that is. Ish. Sort of like a train. Again – simplicity, minimal jewellery, and pastel colours. LOVE this little girl and her fashion sense.

Another pastel and draping moment is Goldie Hawn. Any particular thoughts on this look? While she went for one of the most beautiful shades of pastel, she didn’t hold back on jewellery, and that’s cool. The dress is nice, and she’s a best dressed because she’s truly an icon, and the whole look is a moment. While it might not be her best, it’s still elegant and romantic.

And now… the gliteratiiiiiiii moment. YES there were a ton of glitter, metallic liquid, and sequin dresses at the 2018 SAG Awards red carpet, and almost all of them looked amazing. One of my favourites were Giuliana Rancinc and Lupita Nyongo. Giuliana’s dress was pure statement but not in a big over the top kinda way, it was elegant, and modern, refined and of course sexy. Perfect match with the hair. Lupita looked so sexy and sleek. Minimal jewellery, simple look as if she and that liquid metallic dress did all the work. Well, they actually did.

Who says you can’t do sequins a la beachy style. What am I even saying?! Tanika Rey‘s dress is just that: the effortlessness of the summer dress, simple cut, flowy, un-pretencious, yet the fabric is super glamorous. A nude elegant colour is perfect fur such a dress, that might have not worked. But it does somehow, with the no necklace trend, and tons of rings, bold lips, minimal makeup, natural hair. I like it.

Erin Lim is a red carpet beauty. The fringes are kinda cabaret looking but the dress is very beautiful. Now I love nude sequin dresses, so I might be biased, but this look is very simple and sophisticated. Danielle Brooks, wore such a beautiful dress. Perfect colour and cut.

Natalie Zea and Allison Janney were like metallic statues and that’s not so bad. Maybe it was all just too sleek and un-interrruped or something (if there’s even such a thing), but it was glamours without being ostentatious. Marisa Tomei – I kinda liked it, very simple, tea-length dress, column straight, sequin and glam but very relaxed at the same time. She looks tres chic.

Nicole Kidman was okay, but certainly not wow. She rarely is for me, in fact she’s always somewhere in between nice and okay. The dress itself sucks, and the colour is ugly (at this point I’m not even sure why she’s on the best dressed list), but the hair and makeup are great and she somehow works this dress. Olivia Munn – gorgeous. Very sophisticated.

Halle Berry was one of the most gorgeous women out there. I mean she’s like that by default so… I love it, I love it, I love it. Even with that black see through curtain that was totally unnecessary. She is a goddess.

Leslie Mann was very beautiful in her simple mermaid blue sequin gown. Elizabeth Moss looked very French chic and elegant. Selenis Leyv was very sexy.

Madeline Brewer looked like she came from a high fashion editorial. Insanely gorgeous and so chic, in this very icy-cool-high-glamour sort of way. Perfect lipstick and shoes. Like perfect!

Amanda Warren was one hot gal, and while there’s a lot of tulle going on… it’s not bad. Not very high-sophisticated either, but I think she looks beautiful. A bit of sequin or glitter somewhere on that dress might have made it look more high fashion somehow, and more glamorous.

And the 2 princesses that were so pretty and so glamours: Dakota Fanning and Margot Robbie. I loved Dakota’s dress, and even her monochromatic overall look. She looks stunning and very red carpet worthy. Margot… I was first thinking what the hell? A feathers belt? But I sat on it (figuratively speaking) and now I love it.

Taryn Manning is the picture of edgy and drama. It looks good, and she looks beautiful. And that black and white combo of the dress and shoes is kinda cool. Alexandra Breckenridge‘s dress was very wow at first sight. Then I didn’t like it, but now…. I think I like it again. I know, I’m such a pillar of consistency. Something about it is maybe too matronly, yet the metallic detail, her tats, and the colour of the dress are balancing it out. I would have liked it more fitted, like mermaid style… Shocking I know.

2018 SAG Awards Red Carpet – Worst Dressed

Okay everyone, let’s begin with the big debate: Kate Hudson‘s dress. The internet was so split between loving and hating it that I too have to give my ‘oh-so-savvy-sartorial-opinion’ (*rolls eyes). Her look is so beautiful, her hair and makeup are absolutely gorgeous. Too bad that old-maid’s-wanna-look-glam-dress is absolutely horrible. She looks like a fucking cupcake on steroids. I can tell from the photo the fabric is absolutely fantastic, so delicate and fluid and flowy, moving with the tiniest bit of wind. The color is great too, but it’s just too much. I get it. Like, in the world of high pretentious fashion, I get the dress. Valentino went for this romantic edgy queen, with a dash of punk and some dainty princess vibes too – but IRL it does’t really do it. Maybe without the upper part, the black lace… Or maybe without that black ribbon… Oh I know. Maybe a different dress! Yes.

So I don’t like it. Nevertheless it’s a look and a bit of statement.

Allison Williams… same story as the above. Too magazine editorial rather than ready to wear for the red carpet. Or maybe the dress wore her instead of the other way around. Oh… and I also think it was a too dark look for her. I do love the dress thought. A lot. But overall I think it was too harsh for her.

Natalie Dyer – I didn’t like it. The dress looks undone somehow, with the upper part too tank-top-wanna-be-fancy and the lower part too playful somehow. I don’t know. I did not like it. Same goes for Ryan Michelle Bathe – pretty, with a dash of too pretty, and then some 80s prom vibe. They’re not ugly dresses per se… but something is off.

Abbie Cornish just like Kate Hudson probably wanna start some cool-romanic red carpet dresses vibe, but it ain’t working. Actually I love the dresses – in that fashion sort of way… but I just don’t see them for the red carpet.

Yvonne Strahovski – why? So she wants to look romantic but glamours, and also like she’s teaching something, but is kinda sexy too, while rocking the red carpet. Kudos to you. It’s exactly the same type of dress as the above – looks great on the runway and in magazines, but looks off IRL red carpet.

Natasha Lyonne what in the name of God is that monster around your hands? It’s such a 90s red carpet style… The dress is okay, but the rest just ruined it. Kelly Marie Tran you are beautiful but that dress is not so much. It would have looked great mermaid or column style, no hoop earrings but instead something more high class, and maybe without a double fold at the chest.

Continuing the romantic goth princess style is Kate Nash. Evidently these dresses were a trend. The thing is I love them. Like I’d wear them to a fashion event, with high heels and a leather jacket on top… certainly not at the 2018 SAG Awards red carpet.

Maya Rudolph, for the love of God no. Odeya Rush – she looks okay but too structured and geometrical. Un-human somehow. Not feeling this look at all. Susan Sarandon you are a queen, but seriously, it’s a no for this whole look. You can’t possibly resort to sequins to save the day… it does’t work like that. I first put Lauren Dern on this list too, but now she ain’t that bad. I didn’t like the fit of the dress tbh, nor her hair.

Molly Sims. Okay bye. Brie Larson, why! It’s such a ridiculous dress I’m speechless. The fabric looks cheap, the print looks tacky, it looks like it smells of old age and about 100 year old passing of time. No.

Saoirse Ronan… is pretty much dressed like those old-school monks. Except in pink. Mary J. Blige was a swan. And Sally Hawkings was a 70s psychedelia. The dress itself is kinda cool, but if it were shorter, and with a belt it’d have worked better.

And now it’s your turn to share your faves or least faves in the comments below.

xoxo D.


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