With everything happening in the world out there, and with all that went down at the Emmy’s 2017 #womenrock, the great speeches, amazing, talented women being awarded and celebrated after having had fantastic opportunities to play great roles so they can showcase their talents, talking about the Emmy’s 2017 red carpet of all things, is the most trivial thing one could do. Yet here I am. Truth is, I have given a few thoughts to whether or not I really want to go on my usual red carpet rants, cause I feel like that idiot that stays behind and argues a point when everyone else has moved on. #ilovetoembarassmyslef

But, here’s the thing: 1) I have no possible way of watching the show, except for the red carpet on E! (which is aired in Europe later than live obviously), so this alone puts me in a very red carpet-ish angle, and the rest of the story, the best part, aka Nicole Kidman’s speech, Reese’s speech, the winners, the faces, the host, the comments, the vibes, how women rocked this year, and what a milestone it all was for empowerment and equality, and celebrating talent all around (also known under the name of feminism) – I can only access online, dispersed and biased already. So there’s that, and 2) while I’m all for the above 1,000% I LOVE talking red carpet fashion. Period.

Emmy’s 2017 red carpet was one of the most stylish carpets I’ve ever seen. Maybe there was something in the air cause everything just came together that night for everyone there. Well, except those who did’t win, and really wanted to, and those who were not so best dressed, in case they wanted to be. Scrolling through all the photos I was actually “worried” I’d have no worst contenders.

Turns out, there are a few who took one for the worst dressed team. So let’s go.

Emmy’s 2017 Red Carpet – Best Dressed

The whole cast of Big Little Lies has got to be here. Maybe Shailene Woodley not so much, I mean I loved the dress but I felt like the hair was very peasant-praire style inspired, colour and texture as well. Nicole Kidman finally shut it down!!!!! I gave up on her red caret efforts long time ago, but this year her dress was beyond perfect for her. She looks stunning  in red, that’s a fact, and the silhouette was great. I would have freaked out if they tried to put me in that length, so… I love that she went for it,  but I was also scared for Nicole. Hair – stunning. Makeup – fab! The upper part of the dress was insane.

Reese Witherspoon is one of my faves and her choice of that blazer dress was not bad. I think she made it look amazing, she wore it fab with her long blonde hair that popped against the colour of the dress. I really liked it. And I do think she wore the dress not vice versa, and any other person would not have pulled this off so great.

Susan Saradon. Perfection. Can I look like that when I grow up? The cut, the style everything was classic,  simple, and glamorous.

Gugu Mbata Raw – stunning!!! Everything about this look is show stopping in the most natural and effortlessly beautiful way possible. The dress is glitter, liquid glitter and sequins, and it’s so simple and flattering on her it’s amazing. I love that she kept it all simple and accessorised with earrings of the same dress colour.

Zoe Kravitz looks like a beautiful bird. A lot of women went for the ostrich feathers look, but few pulled it off. Zoe’s edge mixes perfectly with the super glam and sweet side (possibly tacky) of the feathers. I love the pearls, cause it makes it all so eclectic but feminine in a very edgy kinda of way. Rocknroll with a girly twist. So if course she was the only one who pulled off this look. It’s one of those looks that the more you look at, the more you love it.

Rashida Jones was beautiful. I loved the dress and felt it had so much movement and silky slippery kinda texture to it. The design, the cut, how she looked it in it – pure flawlessness. Vanessa Kirby – not to crazy about the hair, but the dress!!! Oh my. One of my faves.

Viola Davis stunning!!!! She always always always looks beautiful on the red carpet. The colour of the dress is so good on her it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Somebody call the firepolice or something. Hello Gina Rodriguez! Oh my god. This is so sexy it’s almost impossible to look at. The plunging neckline, the fabric, the long sleeves, the hair pulled back, those earrings, natual makeup – it’s all pure glamour.

Emmy Rossum looked so red carpet glam, old-school meets 2017 classic. Loved the simplicity of the dress, and the hair was beautiful, side parted, old Hollywood style, with the perfect earrings. I’m not really a fan of such big dresses, but this one I love.

Michelle Pfeiffer… everyone was blown away by how gorgeous she looked. I thought she looked ok. |The dress is beautiful, so is she, but let’s not get carried away here. Julie Bowen was superb. I love that she chose a dress that was simple, but not really, and went for full on classic bling. It seems it’s all about the classic jewellery this year.

Madeline Brewer was very stunning and high fashion. The high big shoulders and that earring were like fashion editorial, and the dress so so glamorous and beautiful.

Susan Kelechi Watson is one of my fave women. I absolutely adore her on This is us, and she slayed it at the Emmy’s 2017 red carpet. She looks like a goddess in that dress. I’m in love with that dress. Perfect cut, slit, upper part, shoes were great, hair and makeup brilliantly natural… maybe I would have picked more diamond like earrings.

Sofia Vergara is ok, but I am a little bit so over her red carpet looks, because they’re literally so did done did it’s crazy. Okay the dress is more birdie style, with the ostrich feather being a trend I guess looking like a bird was the go-to thing this year. It’s a beautiful dress, she is a beautiful woman, but come on! I would have picked more classic jewellery, nothing too chandelier-y, and I would have done a side part hairstyle with old Hollywood waves. I think that would have made wonders.

When I first saw Mandy Moore, i was like what the fuck woman, but then seeing more photos from different angles i am loving this dress. it;s so ‘oreo’ dramatic and fun i adore it. and the lipstick is amazing on her. LOVE.

Felicity Huffman looked beautiful and classic. Laverne Cox hot as hell as always.

Speaking of hot… Yonne Strahovski dayum woman!!!! She is one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen. That dress is like held together by invisible little birds (again with the birds). It’s so sexy and so revealing but also incredibly beautiful, without being tacky. Love the hair the make up and that choker.

Also Tessa Thomson looked so good. It was a heard look to pull off, so colourful and so MTV-like awards, but I think she rocked it. Sarah Hyland was stunning, I love her. Erin Lim was shut the front door. I love  this busy opulent Dolce and Gabbana Sicily inspired style so much. it’s perfection for me, but I’m aware it;s a not an easy look to digest.

When I saw Padma Laksmi I was literally blown. Wow! she has unleashed her sex-bomb persona and I love it. the sultry make up, the cleavage, that pink against hair hair and dress. it was a bit too much at first, but why the hell not. she seems to love it, and i love it for her. btw her hair looks amazing.

Nina Kiri very effortlessly beautiful, young, edgy but fresh. Kristin Cavalari very simple (maybe too simple) and cute. Liliana Vasquez looked so good, very beautiful and classic with a bit of drama courtesy of the black belt and accessories. Loved it.


Emmy’s 2017 Red Carpet – Worst Dressed

Please hate me if you want, I don’t care, but Jessica Biel wore the ugliest dress ever, and she topped it all with the ugliest hair ever. I really don’t know which is worse, the hair or the dress, but she looks like she stepped off some 80s prom situation. Oh my god, I keep looking at it, and I don’t get it. what is with that pink fabric over the sequins?


Heidi Klum please clap your hands for me. Oh wait, don’t. You’ll hurt yourself and wake up half the world with those bangles girl. and as if those weren’t enough you popped a few earrings in there too, of all styles – chandelier. And you’re giving us major cleavage and major slit #vajajayalert, and a bright tan… I’m so tired right now from this look. The dress is very maxi summer inspired, and it’s not bad, but not for red carpet, and not with those bangles. What is this, 2000’s?!

Vanessa Bayer somebody just threw up all over you. Oh wait, no, it’s your dress.

You guys, what happens when an ostrich meets a disco ball? They have a party and it looks like the dress Tracee Ellis Ross wore. My oh my. What happens when too much is too much.

Ariel Winter is more like Ariel Summer hot but not in a good way. it’s too much for me. those slits are like the dresses you wear in latin dance competitions, not red carpet appropriate, it’s too tight, too sexy-in a try-too-hard kinda way.

Samantha Bee looks too harsh. It’s not bad, but something about that dress makes me feel so uncomfortable. It’s too structured and blazer inspired and too green. I don’t really like it. I love her hair and her smile and her jewellery.

Lea Michelle she should not be here on the worst list, which in itself should be more like my least fave list, cause she looks beautiful, but i just feel like the belt ruined the look entirely. It looks like a jeans belt, and that is a sequin red carpet dress. I’m also not a big fan of that type of cleavage and straps.

Amanda Crew – I’m still not sure about it. I wanna love it, but I dont know. Is it see-through and is that a peak into her naked body? Not that there’s anything wrong with it. Really now, I just think it’s ok but she looks like a bedazzled condom.

Leslie Jones she’s so great and I love her but I don’t like her dress and I wanna love it but I can’t. Crying right now. I don’t know why i don’t like it. maybe there should be no slit? Or maybe those earrings are too bedazzled for that bedazzled dress? Help!!!

Debra Messing is messing around in nylon. No, actually she’s lost in a not so pretty dress. Samira Wiley I love the dress, but the upper ruined it: it’s too much. it should have stopped at the cleavage.

Priyanka Chopra why?!!!! So she went with the bird trend, and that dress ostrich train or trumpet ruined it. also it felt like the dress was more like a cotton thick restraining jacket. it does look good, but certainly not what I expected. maybe it would have worked better without those shoulder-arm details. or maybe no feathers.

Laura Dern – tomato tomato. #ostrichalert

Oh my god, somebody call the sheriff! Evan Rachel Wood is in the house. She’s always going for masculine lookms but this is a no no for me. is that a cropped jacket, it that a long vest underneath? Why not a simple blazer?

Mackenzie Davis – well… she is so beautoul but she fucked it up. I have nothing else to say. I don’t wanna say anything. #crying.


That was not at all my long rant, but I’m so excited to read your comments, cause guess what: they’re working! So please feel free to let me know who was your fave or least fave and let’s talk about it.

love xoxo D.






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  1. Vanessa says:

    I don’t even know who Erin Lim is but I’m a new fan! ADORE that dress, but I’m a sucker for anything sheer, it seems! ;) Love love love your lists as usual!

    • FashionTag says:

      thank you soooo much honey! no idea who she is either, but i agree, that dress!!!! sooo gorgeous. kisses xxx


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