Spending money on clothes may feel like a loss. It’s not gold or real estate that may increase in value at some point, and they often go out of date faster than you imagine. Pouring cash on expensive clothing is a pointless task when you’re on a budget. Once your clothes age, there’s no going back.

After using an article of clothing for a while, we grow tired of it. It feels either too boring or too shabby. But what if you could make your old clothes new again?

Here are ten ways to make your old clothes new again.

Embroider Some Colorful Designs

One way to transform your old wardrobe is embroidery. Add some colorful stitch patterns on your clothes to give them a fresh new look.

We often buy the same clothes as the next person from the popular stores. Embroidery lets you make your clothes one of a kind. Even if factory-made clothes are not unique, yours can be with embroidery.

To find the right embroidery machine, visit CraftsSelection.com. Check out their reviews and find the embroidery machine that works for you.

Resize Old Stretchy Clothes

Clothing that’s loosely woven or made from natural materials like cotton or wool will stretch over time.

A stretched out top or sweater looks shabby and worn. Resize it to your shape by cutting and sewing. Or you can shrink it, which is a little risky but worth it if you can get it right.

Change the Sleeves

Transform the sleeves of your top to make it appear new. You’d be surprised how different it’ll make your top look.

With this method, you can replace the sleeve with a different fabric. You can use a patterned fabric on a single-colored shirt to give it a new look, or you can cut off the sleeves all together.

Reshape the Neckline

Spice up your boring top by changing its neckline. A round-necked shirt might feel boring so turn it into a V-neck, T-shirt or any other neckline. You can also cut off the collar all together to get a rough retro look.

Turn Trousers into Capris or Shorts

Wearing the same trousers every other day gets boring. But wait before you toss your trousers into the donation box. Why not turn your old trousers into a pair of capris or shorts?

Cut your trousers into the length you want and sew it with a good finishing. If you’re working with denim trousers, you can change them into cut off shorts or even a skirt. Your old pair of jeans will look amazing as shorts and it will save you money during the summer!

Using Tie-Dye

Tie-dye may sound very hippie to you but it’s a great idea for summer clothing. You can change your plain single-colored tees into multi-colored beauties. The amazing thing about tie-dying is how unique it can make your clothes look.

If you’re looking to update an old white shirt, tie-dye works best on. You can also tie-dye your light or brightly colored shirts.

Change Its Entire Color

If you want to transform your clothes, hand dyeing is the perfect way to do it. No one will even realize that this was once an old tee shirt. If the color of your old shirt has faded, dye it again to another shade. It will be like buying a brand new shirt!

Hand dyeing gives you the unique opportunity to choose the exact color you want. You can try out hand-dyeing following this method. 

Bedazzle It

Yes, bedazzling is not just for children. A little bedazzling can transform your boring old jeans or jackets. Jewels can make ordinary things look fancier. You can do this to revamp your old clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

Bedazzling your belongings can make them uniquely yours. You can do it the old fashioned way with glue. Or you can take the easy way out and buy a bedazzler.

Add Some Trimmings

Trimmings are additional pieces of clothing that decorate your clothes. You can find all sorts of trimmings, from lace to ribbons, online or at a fabric store. 

You can add these trimmings to your old clothes and refashion them. For example, you can use lace trimmings to change the hem of your dress or skirt. You can stitch ribbons onto your coat and give it a new style.

Trimmings are a great way to reform your old clothes. They can make any boring item of clothing more fashionable. 

Turn Them into Clothes for Your Kids

At last, if you’re really tired of your clothes, you can give them away. But with a little creativity, you can hand them down to your kids.

As children are always growing, we often have to spend a lot on clothing. Save yourself some money and refashion your old clothes for your children.

This is why learning to sew is so rewarding. It helps you turn your old sweaters and shirts into dresses for your daughter or other fashion items for your children.

Final Thoughts

A little hard work can transform your old wardrobe into a brand new one. Use these DIY methods and you won’t have to buy new clothes for a while.

Not only do you get completely personalized clothes, but you’ll also get to save a lot of money. So, don’t throw out your old clothes, refashion them into new fashion wear. Have fun!

xoxo D.

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  1. Dawn D. Carmichael says:

    This article is awesome as I was looking for ideas for reusing the old clothes again. beautifully explained the 10 different techniques to reuse old clothes.

  2. Amy Santiago says:

    OMG! This is amazing. I have tons of old clothes I thought it’s just a waste but I can restyle it. It’s really helpful. I would love to style it with my wavy hair weaves from Indique hair and get the exact same look


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