Military Look. Off To The ARMY Ladies!

Hey, you know what they say – a bit of restraint and discipline never hurt nobody. Could this be the reason behind the military look trend? Does fashion really what us poised and powerful?


Should we all channel our inner Cookie Lyon and tell it like it is, stand up, own it, inspire and be inspired, and never let nobody put us down? I hope so. But, as BFFs as I am with fashion, it ain’t that. I think this bitch (le fashion that is) is in it for the glam, cause the army trend these days is having a very glamorous polished moment.

military look army-looks-spring-2015

Besides, who the hell needs an army attire to rock all the above. Exactly. Real women use fashion to express themselves. We (please allow my self inclusion in the above, and not for personal distorted reasons, but for actual realities this time, cause – please note – I am serious. I will not happen again though.) use style to speak in tune with what we feel, and how we are one day. Inspiration is great, but keeping it real is better. So I am pretty sure this rant of mine is not so far fetched from today’s realities, cause fashion does borrow tremendously from the culture, from the streets, from every-day life. And today, in the words of Beyonce – we girls run the fucking world. Can I get an Amen!

No wonder some trends out there are as strong as they can get and scream a certain power, empowerment, command, poise, attitude, rocknroll, courage – ALL in a very very very polished feminine and sexy sort of way. I mean, there is nothing hotter than a confident woman.

military look rihanna

If we’re to do the military trend AGAIN (cause it’s not new) in 2015 spring/summer, we gotta do it in luxury. Greens, khakis, black, browns, dark blues – the colours of the army – are all IN, with golden bling attached, with expensive fabrics, with ostentations accessories, OR dainty ones layered in tiny straps of gold.

For even more glamour mix your military look inspired clothes with fur (while you still can, in spring), wear outfits with sexy heels, stiletto sandals. Bold lips look fabulous against an army inspired look, especially red. The whole army style combo with golden accessories and strong makeup is beyond irresistible. It’s powerful. Edgy. Urban even.

military-trend military look spring-trends-2015-military-style-23

And if you think the army inspired looks are just for festivals and channelling your 90s grunge inner child, think again. Designers have shown us fabulous dresses, skirts, tops, even cocktail, evening and office wear inspired by the military trend. A green shirt with golden shoulder straps, tucked in a dark green pencil skirt, with stiletto pumps on. Shut the front door.

Or a military green summer dress, or even a satin green slip one, is a perfect reinvention of the army look done glamourous.

It is one of the easiest looks to do, and what’s great about it this year, is its incredible versatility: from grunge teen style to uber rich luxurious socialite with a penchant for edgy fashion, to busy fashion editor, to every day mortal. Basically anything might look army inspired with either the right cut (very structural), the right colour, or the details. All together or just one will land an item into the army style.

army-spring-trend-jpg military look military look

Personally I’ve always been a fan of the military look. Nooooo. Not on men. Jesus, can a girl get a break. But seriously, now that men in uniforms is an actual image in my mind… I’m stuck.

So… about the army. I was saying I was always a fan of the look. Back in the 90s in high school I’d dress in rugged jeans (even those stupid cameo pants I now hate), boots and some green washed out army inspired jacket or stiff shirt. I thought I was swagging it. Then I gave the army a break, up until last year or so, when again my obsession and green-and-gold-addiction kicked in.

I had a piece of it just today. And you know what? I felt like a badass queen in my military inspired shirt and ripped jeans today. I had no heels on, so it was more of a gangsta-glam-army-style but I swear to you I was feelin’ it.

Might be my beautiful self-paranoia kicking in again, but at this point I could’t care less. Cause army or not… us real girls do run this motha. Let’s all sing Beyonce now.

military-glamorous-style military-inspired-looks military-looks military-styles military look military look military look military look military look military look military look military look military look military look military look military look military look spring-trends-2015-military-style-11 spring-trends-2015-military-style-13 spring-trends-2015-military-style-14 spring-trends-2015-military-style-15 spring-trends-2015-military-style-16 spring-trends-2015-military-style-17 spring-trends-2015-military-style-19 spring-trends-2015-military-style-24 spring-trends-2015-military-style-25 military look

Get the military look:

Army jacket: Marc Jacobs 

Military skirt: Current/Elliot 

Green dress: Alexander Wang

Army T-shirt: NLST Army Tee