Let me pose an interesting question for you first. What is wrong with a turtleneck T shirt or sweater, really? Aside from the fact that it is always associated with philosophers or academics or artists, or the secretary in “Love Actually”, what exactly is wrong with a turtleneck?

Well, if you find yourself thinking for more than a minute to answer that question, then you are probably one among the majority of men in this world who have fallen into the whole “turtlenecks are for nerds” extravaganza.

Frankly speaking, a turtleneck T shirt or sweater is probably the most underrated men’s fashion outfits of the year. And I have to say year, because turtlenecks have been suffering the wrath of being associated with the geek class for more than one season now.

If you are one of the many men who like to boycott a traditional turtleneck T shirt, just because you feel it is not stylish enough, then it is high time you think otherwise.

Here are a few very good reasons why you should embrace the style this season:

  • For starters, a turtleneck T shirt mens is the perfect protection for the transitional months. It can keep you cosy while at the same time, not completely weight you down like other conventional winter clothing. It can also keep you warm during the less chilly winter months, when you don’t really need a sweater.

  • Secondly, it is all you need during cold nights. It covers your entire body (the chest, tummy, shoulders and arms) and plus it goes an extra mile to cover your neck as well. Now who else would do that for you!?
    The neck area is particularly sensitive to cold for many people, and that is where a turtleneck T shirt can save you. You don’t even have to throw on a scarf. You need to just have this one piece and you are safe to hit the road. It basically offers 100% protection plus an extra 10% for the neck region.

  • It saves the cost of buying scarves and extra layers for the neck and chest. When you’re wearing a simple sweater, you might have to spend some more for a scarf or other layers of clothing underneath to keep it stylish. With a turtleneck T shirt though, you can stop at just one piece.

Last but not least, turtlenecks are being adorned by some of the most popular and influential celebrities around the world. Not just in the hip hop and music industries, but from the film and art industries as well.
Singers in the likes of Drake and Future were spotted wearing the trend at several events. Other celebs like Shameik Moore and Brad Goreski were also seen at parties flaunting their turtleneck t-shirt mens like a boss.

So I guess it is safe to say that turtlenecks are back in trend this season. And if that is not reason enough for you to go out and get one, I don’t know what is!



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  1. Mahmudul Hasan says:

    Turtlenecks are magnificent! Men look awesome in them and they run with for all intents and purposes each sort of coat. Adored your photograph decisions!

  2. Jolain Muller says:

    Turtlenecks are awesome! Men look great in them and they go with virtually every kind of jacket. Loved your photo choices!

    • FashionTag says:

      totally agree! men in turtlenecks are so hot and they look so stylish, with no effort. thanks so much, glad you liked the post!


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