coats-men-street-styleWhy another men post, you might ask. Well… apart from a few requests from my male friends, I thought it’s also a great way for us girls to get fashion inspired for the men in our lives. Maybe we have a visceral urge to play stylists, maybe we just can’t help shopping for our men. Or maybe… just maybe, they ask us for help. And then, we’d want to be prepaired & help them change or perfect their looks, spice up their styles, polish them up. How to do this? Easy. Nothing a little street style inspo can’t fix. With an eye on the Men Trends for Fall 2013 and an eye on our beloved boys I think we got this shit handled. For the sake of argument though, let’s see what the big fuss is all about: What Are Autumn 2013 Trends for Men? Since fashion is, well… fashion, regardless of gender, it’s safe to assume that most of autumn’s trends apply for men too. Here we go then…  street-style-men-autumn-1

  • Punk, Rock, Grunge Styles are huge, so everything black, grey, leather jackets, boots, caps, hats are IN.
  • Military Trend is perfect for the lads: green combat jackets or shirts, combat boots, trousers.
  • Coats: from short to long styles. Tall men can wear them as long as they want, while shorter men should stick to more fitted, shorter styles.
  • Sports jackets/bomber jackets are great for the morning chill.
  • Trench coats for those boho-chic lads.
  • Sweaters, cardigans, shirts, denim jackets, vests – all are IN.
  • Business Styles or smart casual looks for work (they do have to make a quid or 2 and are not all famous rich rockstars, as much as they channel them): blazers, cardigans, suits, ties.

men-street-style-autumnStyling Tips & How to Wear All the Above?

  • boots: with rolled up jeans or trousers. TIP. Roll up your trousers regardless of your shoes, it’ll look cooler!
  • layers: T-shirt + Denim Shirt + sweater/cardigan + leather jacket + coat… OMG! Layer as much as 100 pieces if you want to, or just stick to the classic T-shirt, shirt and coat or leather jacket. Remember the layering tip in ‘Crazy Stupid Love‘? That’s the one. Do it!
  • scarves. They’re not feminine, they’re cool. Don them.
  • colored socks
  • sporty vests over business blazer & tie
  • brown shoes with a grey or black suit
  • leather gloves
  • bags or backpacks 
  • sweaters over shirts. Don’t tuck in.

Enough already! Just have fun and you’ll nail it! Here are some street style pics for inspiration… Enjoy :)

Coats Looks & Styles men-coats-street-style-autumn-2013street-style-atumn-trends-men-coatsstreet-style-men--coat-1street-style-men-coat-2street-style-men-coatsLayering jacketsmen-streetstyle-layeringstreet-style-men-coat-autumn-2013Leather Jackets atumn-trend-leather-jackets-streetstyle-menleather-jacket-men-streetstyleleather-jacket-men-street-style-autumnmen-leather-jacket-streetstylemen-street-style-ruggedstreetstyle-men-leather-jacstreet-style-men-leather-jacketSmart casual & Business Looks men-streetstylebusiness-look-men-streetstylemen-street-style-business-lookstreet-style-men-blazerstreet-style-men-smart-businessTrench Coats street-style-men-trench-coat-1street-style-men-trench-coat-2Military Styles & Denim atumn-trends-millitary-coats-men-streetstylesmen-street-style-denimmen-streetstyle-military-lookstreet-style-men-combatSporty Chic  autumn-streetstyle-men-bomber-jacketstreetstyle-men-sports-chicHa, I’m starting to get the hang of this! Next week we’ll talk Men haircuts & hairstyles ;) Until then, for more boys’ looks click here.

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  2. histiletto says:

    It’s almost a year later and men’s fashions still look like they did 30 years ago, with the exception of a more tapered or form fitting jeans styling, which magnifies the size of their feet and footwear dis-proportionately elongated. Exchanging the usual men’s footwear for a pair of 4 to 5″ heels would help to properly adjust this eye sore.

  3. jennifer stewart says:

    i love men in sweater’s and tight jeans sadly i live in the south so yeah we don’t get our share of snow or hot hunk’s just kidding

  4. jpzro says:

    Reblogged this on the sky was never a limit and commented:
    This will be a good guide for me on what to wear this coming fall. Since this will be my first time to go out of the country and experience cold weather. Nice!

  5. M. says:

    Men in leather jackets – THIS IS IT ;)
    I don’t like the mix: army khaki jacket and violet-yellow scarf :/
    I can’t wait for the next post :) I hope that it’ll containt some pictures of hairstyle which I’m crazy about ;)

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      i know I so love men in leather jackets too! best look ever!!! yeah i thought i’d do another men post next week on their hairstyles ;) Thanks M xx


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