It’s almost one month now since I proclaimed January the month of Benicio del Toro, when after having watched ‘Sicario‘ I couldn’t shake him off, so the only wise thing to do was to make a new year’s resolution that included him. Re-watching all his films. Unfortunately that’s as far as that affair goes. The easiest fucking resolution ever, nonetheless, let me tell you this.

Anyway, what does the sexiest, most beautiful, and talented man alive have to so with the ugliest skirt out there? Well… nothing, BUT as I proclaimed January the month of Del Toro, I not only proclaim but also predict 2016 the season of the BUTTON DOWN SKIRT.


Of course the first part I had total control over, whereas this peasant skirt… not really. But I proclaim it a future staple of 2016.

What? Why? When did this happen?

It didn’t. Yet. But think about it: the 70s ain’t going nowhere (the button skirt is one of their staple), midi length is still a trend, sporty comfy boho chic is still going strong, and women love a piece that can translate to billions of looks. So ladies… it’s a no brainer really.

Also, lately in fashion it seems there’s this penchant for gypsy/peasant/bohemian stuff. Think prolonged holiday looks, weekends by the beach in a Woody Allen film sort of outfits, think grown up women who look so beautiful and chic and have a style that doesn’t even exist, and are a mix of all that you love to see and discover in a person that it’s insane.

Insane is my middle name, but that don’t make it any less true you know: the button down skirt will be the star of this spring and summer.


It’s got pockets, it’s got pretty little buttons that make it look effortless and gypsy, and you can unbutton a few if you feel… you know, cheeky, or if you’re off to the beach and you’re wearing it as a cover-up. Hell – you can even wear it as a summer festival uniform with a plain tee or cropped top and cowboy boots, or you can totally take it to work in heels, flats, and a Balmain blazer on top. It can look sophisticated paired with ankle boots and a leather jacket, it can look girly, it can look retro.

Print and fabric wise it’s whatever you’re into. Personally I adore denim button down skirts (from fitted to loose), and flowy black ones. But I’ve put together a list of so many styles I kinda feel like buying one for each day now, you know.

My picks below. Click on image to buy.


Street style inspo:


button-down-midi-skirts-trend-2 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-3 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-4 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-5 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-6 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-7 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-8 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-9 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-10 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-11 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-12 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-13 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-15 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-16 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-18 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-19 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-20 button-down-midi-skirts-trend-21 button-down-skirts front-button-denim-skirt

So I called it: the summer of the button skirt is about to kick in. What’s the worst that can happen? I’ll be wrong. Which, won’t be a first, and it won’t even be that bad. You’ll find me watching Benicio’s films again, in a button down skirt. So… at least somebody’s seeing the prediction through. Sure, it’s me alone, but that don’t make it less viable you know.

I think I need my meds now.




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  1. July says:

    I’d love me one of those…need to search my wardrobe or we can hit the stores soon :)))) kissessss sweets :*:*


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