maxi-skirt-trend-2013Do you think it’s true, or is it just me? Are we smitten with the MAXI Skirt or what? Easy to style, versatile, super feminine and a camouflage weapon for those days when, as hot as we may look, we feel quite the opposite, but (being fashionistas all the way) we still  can’t give in to a sloppy look.

Though it’s been around for some seasons now, and designers keep bringing it to their collections in both seasons, the MAXI Skirt still leads the way, and I think it’s never been as MAXI of a trend as it is in 2013 Summer. What is amazing about this year, (as a consequence of the 2000’s  eclectic trait I think) is that it seems to me the MAXI Skirt has reinvented itself and earned more ground by bringing together all its previous style fads as long as they keep one common ground: it’s MAXI read long. I know… I’m talking about the maxi skirt as if it’s a person. Yeah, I tend to lose it sometimes. :) one-color-maxi-skirtsSo, is every possible long skirt design you can think of, IN? Probably. As long as the feature betrayed by its very name is intact,  design & color wise the sky is the limit. Prints of all sorts, pleats, jersey straight high slit skirts, see-through, high or low-waisted, one-color, bright, hem brushing the floor, ankle long, slit (in front, back, right, left or both sides) – and feel free to add your own anytime, are just a few designs a maxi comes in.

Style wise it goes with absolutely anything, hence its versatility and the fact that you can take it to a dinner, a date, a cocktail party or even to the beach. Actually, investing into one (well OK, more) would be the wisest thing to do, especially because you can stretch it all into your winter looks with boots and tights… Yep. It is literally the best staple these days. sporty-chic-maxiskirts

MAXI Skirts with heels. Ah… this is a perfect look for an evening out or for an event. It’s feminine and effortless and it has that sophisticated rich vibe to it. Here are a few looks for fashion inspo… blue-maxi-skirt-trendamazing-maxi-skirtmaxi-skirt-trend-street-style (2)MAXI Skirts with flats are the perfect combo for a casual stroll or for the office. Pick one in one color and pair it with a simple T-shirt and a blazer and you’re the definition of chic. ;) maxi-skirt-streetstylemaxi-skirt-trend (2)street-style-skirts_MAXIwhite-maxi-skirt-trendMAXI Skirts with tennis shoes are one of my faves looks. Cute, girly, effortless, young and free.  mxi-skirt-tennis-shoesrihanna-maxi-skirt-tennis-shoesstreet-style-coachella-maxi-skirt-sneakers

How to choose your MAXI Skirt?

To avoid any regrets simply buy as many as you feel like it :) A pleated one color skirt is amazing for any event and can easily adapt to so many occasions. So… it’s an investment you have to make. The ones in black and nude are perfect for a understated glamorous elegant sophisticated look. I adore them! But my MAXI skirt crush at the moment is the one that comes in emerald green and peach or orange. black-maxi-skirt-trendstreetstyle-maxi-skirt-trendmaxi-skirt-casual-looknude-flowy-maxi-skirtpeach-maxi-skirt-lookgreen-maxi-skirt-lookmaxi-skirt-lookmaxi-skirt-stylemaxi-skirt-trendmaxi-skirt-trend-neon-stylesummer-looks-maxi-skirt-trendtumblr_m9e2nq1vI41qhuk2uo1_500For those of you who love a bit of boho-chicness in their style the printed gypsy style MAXI skirts are amazing! Extremely trendy and feminine they can make a huge fashion statement and need no extra frills to spice up the look: a basic top and a few blings will have you looking like an exotic model. maxi-skirt-seethrough-trend maxi-skirt-gypsy-stylemaxi-skirt-gypsy-style (2)maxi-skirt-seethrough-trendmaxi-skirt-trend-gypsy-styleAnd as of this year, we’re seeing a lot of those 90’s style type of MAXI jersey skirts. Think urban glam or Rihanna’s collection for River Island. They’re more sporty chic, fitted, with a high slit on the side usually, ankle length hem, and look brilliant with a bare midriff and tennis shoes! For a more bad-ass urban look pile on jewellery and rock some crazy nails and shades.

black-maxi-skirt-trend (2)jersey-maxi-skirt-trend
Don’t know about you but I am in love with this trend and I do hope it still stretches out into the cold season, cause there are so many looks and styles to don with the MAXI skirt that I feel one season (though it’s been around for more) would never be enough.

We’re just getting started for God’s sake! BTW what is your fave MAXI Skirt style? Let’s share and debate lovelies and if in doubt just try one on these day. After all its the weekend and we need to have loads of fun! :)  xoxo

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  1. in the name of fashion says:

    I have been looking for those beautiful pleated chiffon maxi skirts since last year, and could never find them. Could anyone please tell me where I could find them?

  2. My Fashion S/ash Life says:

    Thank F for maxis, once upon a time you could only really get skirts in the mini or midi family on the High St. When this trend really came into its own a few years back I went crazy! I dont really have a style when it comes to maxi’s, I just go for print, colour and fit. Having said all that I dont like the ‘Indecisive maxi skirt’ thats in vogue, i.e short at front and long at the back. I’m like, Make up your mind already!!

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      haha i know what you mean, i used to hate those. But i gave the a try. i bought such a dress a while ago and i’m in love with it. Now i love them all, maxis all the way or even those short-front and long in the back. Thanks xxxx

  3. audrina1759 says:

    I for one hope they never go out of fashion. I just started rewearing Maxi skirts again. I think they are super feminine.

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      me too, they look amazing on every girls and can be styled so easily! thanks Audrina xxx

  4. Mammu says:

    OMG most of the maxix here are to die for *______* I love colored pleated ones the most but I don’t have one just yet. Maxis are the best trend yet cause they flatter everyone in any shape and size <3 xoxoxo


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