Listen, when it comes to seasons, there’s nothing I love more than summer, and nothing I hate more than winter. Yet, a few things could make my winter bareble if not quite pleasant: a continuous Christmas spirit (go on judge me!), and unlimited supplies of teddy bear warm and fuzzy hugs. You know, the kind you wanna bundle up in, and fall asleep in like 2 seconds? Yeah those. I know… I know… impossible you say. Well, not really I tell you. Not if you think about 2018 winter biggest coat trend ever! Hello teddy coat, nice to meet you!

This little bundle of joy and warmth has been slowly creeping upon us circa 2017.

I still remember it so vividly like it was yesterday: the winter of 2017 my closet desperately cried for coats, and I knew I had to buy one that would be both cute as well as keep me warm. And also have versatility. I was on a mission y’all. I wanted a coat that would feel like hugs you know what I mean? So when, after hours of no-luck,  I walked into Bershka and laid my eyes on the prettiest beige fluffy warm teddyiest coat ever I was sold. ‘TAKE MY MOENY!’ I cried. To this day I like to think I was the first gal to ever wear a teddy coat. Aww, I know I am so delusional it’s sweet. #letagirlbe

Fast forward a few years and BAM! the world is happy and warm walking around in teddy bear hugs, aka the teddy coat.

It truly is a phenomenon how fast and beautiful this trend is growing. From trucker jackets, to collar coats, to long coats, oversized, cropped, hooded – any and every coat and jacket style is now a teddy!

Colour wise – brown tones are by far the winners, because hello teddy! Buuuuut 2018 has been the year the teddy coat came in all colours: red, blue, green, yellow, rusty, nude, black. Basically all colours turned teddy this year.

Length wise again from the shortest to the longest all sizes are in! Yet if you wanna have the full teddy experience go for long, brown, oversized teddy coat.

The teddy look:


What teddy coat should you pick? (insert thinking emoji)

Oh the question that gave me sleepless nights over the Black Friday weekend. Just kidding. (well not really.) I wanted the perfect shade of brown, the perfect long, but not too long, the perfect oversized but not too big teddy coat. I couldn’t find any. Didn’t find my size, OR what I did find was way too expensive… and so on. So basically I’m still on the lookout for the classic teddy coat, BUT I did get a burgundy one. Whuuuuut? Don’t ask. (it was the best price and size I could find.)

So… to answer the above question: get a coat that fits you, and a colour that you can easily work with. If brown is not your thing, or just not in the cards for you I made a top five of my fave colours for teddy coats.



pastel blue or pink



As you very well can see black is coming last just because I feel like the teddy needs to shine in all its glory, and it doesn’t do so very well in black. Oh, and I hate grey for teddy coats.

Length wise – always go for classic, knee length is best cause it looks very elegant, it keeps you warm and it sticks to this teddy religion. Hip length looks good as well for a trucker jacket style, and cropped looks amazing if you can bear it. Sorry I couldn’t help the animal reference.


My faves:



How to wear the teddy coat?

These days I am over the heels in love with monochromatic outfits, so I love an all brown/taupe/nude/cream/rusty/burgundy look. I’m also into cowboy boots, sock boots, kitten heels, a loooooot of knits, jeans always and forever. For lazy weekends I love to pair a long teddy with a lounge set for example.

And… as a last confession to you guys, I so miss my workout days, and with them my heart is crying over my activewear outfits!!!! So yeah… I would pair my long teddy with any and every activewear look there ever was.

Now it’s your turn: do you love teddys with all your heart? Which style is your fave? What colour?

xoxo D.

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