When it comes to adopting the latest fashion trend into your lifestyle, it may surprise you to learn that body and mouth piercings are the hottest statements in fashion and fringe glamour. If you’re looking for a guide into this exotic end of underground fashion, you’ve come to the right place. 

Mouth Piercings 

This form of jewelry fashion has been trending worldwide for a few decades now, but that hasn’t stopped this specific type of body jewelry augmentation to flourish into new territories and styles. A mouth piercing isn’t limited to just a piercing through the tongue anymore. Mouth augmentation jewelry consists of lip piercings, cheek piercings, dental piercings, uvula piercings, tongue webbing piercings, and gum piercings. Mouth piercings are fashion statements that can range from exotic and fantastical to simple yet elegant. The best kinds of materials to use for a mouth piercing is jewelry that is made from surgical stainless steel, titanium, tygon, or niobium. 

Surgical stainless steel is both affordable and safe for new piercings. It won’t react to bodily fluids and can be made incredibly smooth to avoid internal damages. Surgical stainless steel does contain nickel, so those sensitive to nickel have a chance of experiencing irritation. Titanium is another incredibly viable metal to use for mouth piercings. It’s considerably more expensive than surgical stainless steel, but contains less nickel and comes in a variety of colors. Tygon is a surgical plastic that can be used in place of other metallic piercings for those who have a sensitivity to metals. Lastly, niobium is a metal that can give you the stability of surgical stainless steel and the beauty of titanium while costing less than titanium. 

When it comes to choosing decorative piercings, you can add color and glamour to your mouth with piercings that are adorned with gemstones or genuine crystals. You can purchase these specialized mouth piercings in a piercing parlor, novelty shop, or online. If you decide to shop online, be careful about purchasing piercings that advertise gemstones. There are piercings that contain genuine gemstones and some that are synthetic or lab-grown. It can be easy for a company to scam you online, so read the fine print and do plenty of online research before confirming your purchase. 

After choosing the best material for your mouth piercing, your next concern should be keeping the piercing and the area around it clean. The easiest way to clean and sanitize the area around a mouth piercing is to rinse your mouth with a medical-grade mouthwash, like Biotene. You should also use a salt rinse on your mouth after every meal to help reduce bacteria you’ve acquired from eating and drinking. 

Body Piercings 

Body piercings are incredibly common forms of fashion jewelry that accentuate many different outfits and styles. Pierced ears are the most popular body piercings because they’re simple, affordable, and universally accepted in all work environments. In many cultures and families, getting your ears pierced is considered a rite of passage. Ear piercings can occur on the lobe or anywhere on the cartilage. When it comes to proper ear care, you want to use a special ear cleaning solution given to you by your piercer. If you have sensitive skin, you should ask for piercing studs that are surgical stainless steel and hypoallergenic. 

Body piercings can also occur lower than your ear. Clavicle piercings, nipple piercings, belly button piercings, septum piercings, genital piercings, ring finger piercings, fingernail piercings, and even Achilles’ tendon piercings are just a handful of the different types of body piercings that are available. Each type of piercing has its own benefits, drawbacks, and special care requirements. It’s vital that you practice all of the cleaning and aftercare directions explained to you by your piercer. Legitimate piercing parlors will send you home with a booklet or a sheet of paper that explains proper aftercare techniques and practices. They will also offer bottles of piercing cleaner and other essential items. 

Regardless of what type of piercing you purchase, always carefully inspect its material and gemstone quality. There are many cheap imitations of both the metals and the precious gemstones, especially if you’re looking to purchase an attractive diamond piercing. Learn the signs of spotting a fake diamond so that you don’t get scammed when you buy your next piercing.

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  1. Sabrina Addams says:

    I loved the first picture shown in the body piercing section and how she has her septum pierced, as well as her ears. My daughter just turned 21 on Saturday and is wanting to get her nose pierced similar to this. It’d be nice if she could find a body piercing jewellery supplier once she does so that she has jewellery options.


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