Go on now, add one more question mark to that title and think about it. From the Princess of nails to the Queen of nails -that is, from Kendall Jenner to Moi, just kidding, to Rihanna – lately every woman is loving the NUDE & PASTEL nails.

Also, this post was kinda selfish, because I’m about to get my nails done soon (those of you who know me know that I am an addict to long sexy nails, and it’s been like forever since I had them done), so I spend all morning on Pintrest torn between whether I should get them in bold colour (bright blue, or neon, or the classic red), OR I should go for light’er shades (nude, brown, muted matte pastels, light greens, blues etc.).

Length wise, I never had any doubts: long.

But when I don’t have my nail glam on, I’m always wearing them short. It’s been too long since I’ve glamed them up, so imma go all the way.

Somewhere in between my nail-art-struggle and waisting the morning on Pintrest I hit me: there’s a new nail trend in town and it’s basically 50 Shades Of NUDE.


What is the 50 shades of nude nails trend? It’s any shade of nude and pastels, mostly in muted dusted and matte colours, that look amazing in long nails, or square short ones a la Kim Kardashian.

Anything from the classic nude to dark brown, to light pink is IN.


And then there are the pastel and cold-shades of desaturated colours: greens, blues, greys, whites.


A side-trend born form these nudes is the overly embellished nails, a major nail art on display moment there, with tones of glam and opulence resting on those shades of nude. I LOVE it. But then again you know me, there’s no less is more with me. I adore these jewellery nude nails.


Tiny little rings, and mid-rings are still In and look fab on perfectly polished nails.


What’s not so IN anymore? I’d say neon nails are pretty much gone, red nails though classic are taking a step back, and girly-nails (short, each in one shade, with bananas on them or God knows what) – not a fan. They’ve pretty much lived their life. Unless of course you’re 15 then they’re perfect and fun for you. If you’re more than that… well it’s your call.

Stiletto nails are also losing ground. Thank God. As great as they may look, they’re walking weapons.


Other than that classic short or long nails polished, nude or dark, embellished or light are the ticket to perfect looking hands. Throw a few rings in there and let those Instagram shots flow.

In case you need more inspo, or options, here you go.



Yes, I’ve made up my mind: it’s nude nails for me, or just dramatic pastels.

Have a great weekend loves! xoxo




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