retro-sunglasses-cat-eyeWell not 50, but enough to get us fashion confused over what sunglasses to choose. What styles are in, and how do you pick yours? Do you stick with it or not? And if you were to choose one, yes ONE type of sunglasses to wear for the rest of your life, which one would it be? When it comes to sunglasses I always feel as if Trends are a bit overrated and it’s not what’s IN one season as much as what looks good on you or what you love to wear. It can be a retro style (that no one else is doing) or even 3 seasons ago hot stuff. Who gives a crap if they’re so last Tuesday as long as you love them, right? Yet… let’s indulge into the Trend Shades for a tiny bit… What is hot for 2013 Summer? I suppose the retro sunglasses, read Cat-Eye Shades or even super crazy styles, cause of the ’60’s revival you know. With the 90’s trend come the round shades… not my faves, but they do look amazing on some. And then there are the rest of the sunnies that were pretty big in the last seasons, and guess what? Personally I’m not ready to part ways with either of them: Wayfarer & Aviator Sunglasses. Yep… they’re still my faves. sunglasses-styleAnd now dolls let’s see each and every one of them and take sides. Whether or not sunglasses should be chosen according to face shape is up to you. I have this theory (I know how crazy right?) that everyone looks good with any type of sunglasses. Sure they can look crazy, funky, classic, rock’n roll, edgy et all, but, a statement or not… they will look great. Anyway, that’s just what I think. Let’s start off with my all time favorite sunglasses: The Wayfarer Shades. They are the sunglasses of my teenage years, those grunge ’90’s when everyone in Beverly Hills 90210 was spotted with them, and every rock star had a pair on for the cool’ness or to hide from the paps. Today they are a nostalgic reminiscence of that, with a bit of poshness to them, and a tiny bohemian vibe. I just feel they always add a bit of edginess and rebelliousness to a look & an outfit, without making it over the top.

The Wayfarer Sunglasses (read above) wayfarere-shadesstreetstyle-wayfarer-sunglassescolored-wayfarer-shadesEmma_Watson-wayfarer-sunglasseswayfarer-shadeswayfarer-sunglasses-lookwayfarer-sunniesThen come the Aviator Sunglasses. For me it’s always a battle between these 2: Aviator vs Wayfarer. I can literally never come to terms with my fashion taste on this one. Not that I have to or anything, I mean there are enough sunny days to rock over 150 shades of glasses… I just like to dramatize a little bit. You know for fashion’s sake :)

Aviator Sunglasses aviator-shades-stylestreet-style-avoator-sunglassesaviator-shades-boho-lookaviator-shades-style (2)aviator-sunglasses-stylesunglasses-tyle-aviatorThe Retro Sunglasses – they will always be in. Always fit any type of face. On any occasion, at any age.  cat-eye-sunglassesretro-shades=cat-eyeRihanna Says Goodbye to Londonstreet-style-cat-eye-sunglassesThe Round Sunglasses – these can be a bit tricky as they will not fit all face shapes (contrary to my ”theory”), but if you can pull it off, and strut you hot stuff in them… go for it. They’ve got that hippy retro vibe to them that takes you away to those 60’s Rock Festivals when it was all about the peace and the music. round-sunglasses-stylealicia-keys-round-sunglassesround-style-shadesround-sunglasses-style (2)The Funky Shades – now these ones will always be hot, just because there will always be a nut to rock them and look fabulous enough to start a trend. The funky shades are pretty cool and fun so if you’ve got it… flaunt it! crazy-sunglassesfunky-shadesfun-sunglasses-funky-stylesunglasses-streetstyleEnough rambling and scrolling through options. Let’s decide on ONE Type of Sunglasses. What’s you Shades Style?

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  1. Eyzee'specialspace
    Eyzee'specialspace says:

    Aviators for me, they always turn everything I have on into something edgy and with my confidence I become like ‘sorry if you have a problem’ attitude lol.
    nice post by the way I always enjoy this blog

  2. caroline
    caroline says:

    I’m with you on the wayfarer but give me oversized sunnies any day! I’ve been wearing them forever. Not too round, not too square but that in between shape, it always works.


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