There’s no need to cake your face with pounds of makeup to make your eyes pop. Whether you like to remain natural, have sensitive skin, or just want to try something new, here are some things  you can try to make your eyes look prettier:

Curling Your Lashes

Curling of eyelashes is a great way to make your eyes stand out because it makes them look bigger. You should use an eyelash curler to do this if you want to achieve a more natural look. If you do not own this tool, you can use your fingers: blow on them to make them warm then press onto your eyelashes for ten seconds.

Wear Colors That Bring Out Your Eyes

You should figure out the shades that make your eyes pop then buy shirts in those colors. If you do not know, you should try to remember the times when people complimented your eyes: which colors were you wearing? You can also hold up different colors to your eyes and ask somebody else to tell you the ones that bring out your eyes.

If you have blue eyes, you should wear different shades of blue or black. Lighter blues will make your eyes look light blue while darker shades will make your eyes look deep blue. To make your eyes pop more, you can accessorize them with things such as coloured contact lenses.

Groom Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows groom the face and help to balance your facial features. Whenever possible, you should opt for a thick, natural brow instead of pencil-thin, unnatural-looking brows. You can visit a salon to have your eyebrows shaped by a professional then use tweezers to maintain their shape.

Instead of waxing your eyebrows, you should try threading or plucking. Waxing is rough and can damage the skin around your brows.

Choose a Good Hair Color

If you color your hair often, you should choose colors that highlight your eyes. You can choose to highlight the different flecks in your iris or focus on your entire iris. If your eyes are light in color, you should opt for darker hair colors. On the other hand, light hair colors bring out the dark in your eyes.

Get Plenty of Sleep

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and usually looks bad when you do not get enough sleep. When you do not sleep enough, the thin skin around your eyes will show blood capillaries. To prevent puffiness, you should prop your head on two pillows to drain the skin under your eyes as you sleep.

Massage the Skin Around Your Eyes

When you have excess fluid under your eyes, your under eye area will look swollen. To get rid of this excess fluid, you should massage the skin around your eyes in a gentle manner. Use your ring finger to massage gently or tap the area around your eyes in circular motions.

Massage from the outside corner of your eye as you move downward then up the brow bone. If you use excessive force to massage this sensitive skin, you will encourage the early onset of wrinkles.

Consume Less Salt

A diet that is high in sodium, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol can cause damaged skin around the eyes, resulting in puffiness. Excessive salt consumption causes the body to retain extra water, which makes the skin look bloated. Since the eye area is very sensitive, the puffiness will be even more obvious there.

The above tips will help you make your eyes pop without using makeup. If you prefer to look natural, these methods are for you.

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