Makeup Looks For NYE! Eyes & Lips, Beauty Tips & Celeb Makeup Inspiration!

pink-lips-eyeliner-new-years-eve Continuing my Holiday Season fashion & style peaks, today I thought of presenting some of my favorite makeup & beauty looks that us ladies may use for NYE makeup inspiration. After all, the big party is but a few weeks away and just donning an uber sexy dress (click here for looks) is not at all enough… there’s yet a style statement to make with our lips, eyes and pretty faces. Plus we’ve got our hot manes and nails… Choosing the makeup for the biggest night of the year may be somewhat of a dread, but if you’re in doubt you can either keep it  simple and natural, or glam it up all the way. Just remember… nobody likes a candy face for NYE. It’s not Halloween is it? So to avoid a caked ultra made up look, just stick to one feature, and take care of your skin.

natural-glowing-makeup So ladies the first step we gotta take, even before choosing a makeup look, is to hydrate our skin. Lots of water, fruit, veggies, vitamins & sleep will make all the difference, as it helps the skin glow, stay soft & look young. And then… it’s simple. Basically it all depends on the features you love most about yourself – enhance them – and the look you want to get. Dark & Sexy: go for smoky eyes, nude lips (lipgloss is the best option) and face contouring (enhance those cheeks and highlight your T-zone). Seductive & Retro: eyeliner on upper lid, false lashes, matte skin, and go nude or any color with your lips. Here you can experiment with bright or dark red lipstick (take Rihanna for inspiration) or keep them natural, channeling your 1960’s Sophia Loren.

cat-eyes-makeup eyes-makeup-new-years-party eyes-makeup-party-looks black-eyeliner-lashes-makeup-look red-lips-eyeliner rihanna-dark-lips-makeup rihanna-lips-makeup rihanna-makeup-red-lips The Glamorous Look is ideal for NYE, and what better time to play it up, than this one? Perfect eyeliner on your eyelids, false eyelashes, sparkle & glitter for the eyes and perfect looking skin with voluptuous lips… Make it a feast and go all the way on makeup! (Kim Kardashian is an endless makeup inspiration here). Bronzed Glow can be the perfect look for Latina ladies (take inspiration from Jennifer Lopez & Eva Mendes), so you can play around with tens of brown shades, eyeliner, perfect contouring, bronzed cheeks, brown-pink-ish lips and false lashes for an uber luscious look. This is my all time fave, perfect for a night out! Oh… and since it’s NYE bring it on with false lashes, they just give drama to any look and make your eyes appear perfect, heavy and ultra seductive. Make sure your skin is all clean, fresh, covered & flawless in foundation, powder, blush and highlighter and you’ll be ready to go. Actually ready to turn heads and break hearts… So ladies… which feature will you rock this NYE? Will you stick to your go-to-look or try something completely different? Simple or Glam?



beauty-looks-new-years-eve blue-eyeliner-new-years-eve bright-colored-eye-lips-party-makeup bright-makeup-party-looks eva-mendes-makeup eyeliner-how-to-apply eyeliner-look-NYE

eyes-lips-makeup eyes-makeup-NYE false-lashes-retro-eyes-makeup eyes-make-up-looks-NYE glowing-skin-makeup-style heavy-eyes-makeup The 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals jennifer-lopez-bronzed-makeup

kim-kardashian-beauty-makeup ‫kim-kardashian-make-up kim-kardashian-pink-lips-heavy-eyes-makeup-look kim-kardashian-red-lips kim-kardashian-smoky-eyes-makeup-look kim-kardashian-natural-makeup make-up makeup-NYE v smoky-eyes-nude-lips-New-years-eve-party smoky-eyes-new-years-eve


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