We like the people we see on TV and the internet,  because we think they look flawless, gorgeous and stunning. Who doesn’t want to be like that? Most girls dream about looking like celebs because they think it’s the answer all problems. The truth is, stars and celebrities are regular people, with the same amount of flaws and problems. They seem to always look perfect and flawless because it’s their job to take extra care to themselves. 

I remember back in the day growing up celebrities like Madonna or Cindy Crawford were icons of beauty and perfection that every girl wanted to be like. Was it wrong? It certainly wasn’t that wrong nor that right, its just how the world works – we are inspired by icons and beauty. As long as we keep them as inspiration and don’t copy or go to extremes to look like somebody… I think idols and icons are an ideal that doesn’t really exist but that we need.

In the time of Instagram fame and beauty where everyone has the same standards and features it’s easy to lose sense of reality. Next thing you know all women will have high cheekbones, full lips, tiny noses, perfect lashes, microbladed eyebrows… and so on.

Bottom line is… beauty in all its shoes and sizes inspires. But what matters more is the sense of wellbeing that some people put out, and THAT is amazing. Personally I think the key to feeling fully beautiful inside and out comes from more than a perfectly arched brow or bee-stung lips. It’s a happy marriage of the soul, the mind, and the body. It’s a process, it’s a journey, and a continuous evolution.

A guide to feeling and looking fabulous could maybe look like this:

1.Take care of your body and health naturally

You might see some celebrities who have perfect shapes on every TV appearance. But you don’t know how hard they work to perfect the body and achieve a healthy look. For this part, you need to:

  • Exercise and stay fit
  • Eat healthily 

2. Accept your body and learn to love it.

In the world of perfect faces you might be tempted to scalp yourself with MyBotoxLA in Los Angeles, 

and that is okay. God knows we all hate a certain wrinkle and wouldn’t mind looking rested or 5 years younger. I’m all for these tiny procedures if they come from a place of insecurity and help you be more at peace with yourself. I mean time forgives no one… It’s not 0kay to do these things cause everyone’s doing them, for social acceptance or god knows what crap.

3. Pamper yourself from time to time

A spa weekend? Tell me when and imma be there. Ladies…. a little time off from life is always a great idea: massages, facials, mani, hair, doing nothing, sleeping, de-toxing… you get it.

4. Do what makes you happy.

Before getting pregnant I LOVED intense workouts, wine, and spending time with my friends. Fast forward almost a year and a half, now I’m a mom and I still love workouts and… shopping. Clothes make me happy. Period. Getting dressed up, and putting on my make up is such a relaxing ritual for me that I tend to it whenever I have time. I love to pick out my outfits and shop for new stuff. So I indulge into this. #judgeme I love food, travelling and going out for coffee on Saturdays with my tiny fam. And I do these things cause they give me joy.

Nobody holds the secret to flawless living or looking. There’s no such thing, thank GOD. Eventually it all comes down to feeling good in your own skin, loving yourself, and accepting yourself. Improving yourself to be a better version mentally and emotionally. And your body and face will follow. I believe this 100%.

xoxo D.


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