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Ladies, Let’s Talk Men…

STREETFSNfashion. What else did you think? Well… can’t blame you for that one, and truth be told any excuse is a good excuse to chat about men. Looks. Styles. Who’s HOT/NOT et all. Besides, a little eye candy never hurt anyone, right? The true story behind this post (apart from the implied cheekiness) is the hints I got from my guy friends to write something related to their fashion, and how to dress to a look or style. Yeah go figure. Plus, the shopping trips I was dragged on, playing stylist/personal shopper in a field that’s not really right down my street – ha! a desperate fashion attention from the men in my life. Who would’ve thought. Them, interested in style? And I, as their turn-to-fashion-guide? Seriously now. Give me women’s fashion and I’ll take it. Men? WTF. Well turns out at the end of the day every lad was happy with their new look…men-cardigan-style-street-stylecool-style-menRandom chatting-that-nobody-gives-a-crap-about aside, I was actually glad to learn that the boyfriends and husbands in our lives do sometimes feel style-wise left behind and BANG! they wake up from their lazy-looks to try and keep up with what’s out there. Whether they’re doing a great job or not, is of less importance, it’s the principle that counts, cause let’s face it: ”my dear male straight friends, as hard as you tried you’ll never be able to nail a look like my gay friends. The latter ones could so often teach us ladies a few thangs about this and that in fashion”. Just saying… Though I’ll give you this: a few chaps out there do know style. It’s got less to do with the clothes they wear but how they wear it. Still, they are scarce in my hometown where I’m currently staying, and they do make me miss London street style so much more. Sure every country and culture has its own rules, and I honestly think each big city comes with its own street style. Too bad some have none… (gulp). Can we educate the men in our lives to dress and look a certain way? Can we push them on the right style track? SONY DSCcasual-look-emn-streetstyleDo you think men spend hours thinking about fashion? Going through latest collections, shops, markets? Yeah they do. NOT. Could it be that for men a style inspiration (subconscious of course) comes from the streets (what they’re friends and cool strangers are wearing), the music they listen to, the films they watch, the jobs they have, the wives/girlfriends influence? That’s perfectly fine. But what if the streets are packed with looser-fashionshit-wannabes? Then we’re fucked. So lads… this post is just for you, to get a little fashion inspo from what the hipster kids are wearing (I know you’re one of them, but nothing wrong with having a second look, right?).  men-street-style-chinosWhat are 2013 street style trends for MEN? 

  • Loafers are making a big comeback and every lad out there is ditching their socks for these.
  • No socks in shoes.
  • Tennis shoes
  • Rocknroll meets punk styles
  • Dapper meets casual looks
  • Rolled up shirt sleeves/trousers
  • Rugged looks (a few-days-grown-beards look fantastic). Think aaaa Gerard Butler vs Johnny Depp.
  • Tattoos (don’t get them to be hip, get them for the right reason)
  • Bags. From backpacks to briefcases, to vintage styles – you have to have one.
  • Cool shades
  • Amazing hair (I’ve noticed the haircut on the year, for those blessed with beautiful locks, is the shaved on sides and long in the front haircut, slicked back, super groomed for a dapper look, or left disheveled)

And now let’s have a look at some of the hipster kids out there, and sigh!

The Rocknroll/Punk & Sporty Chic Styles: leather jackets are still in and they go with everything, from a simple T shirt and jeans to crispy shirts and trousers (suit trousers, chinos, even shorts). Wear them with loafers, no socks, or with boots. Shades and a rugged look and you’re good to go.  men-street-style-rock-lookjog=hnny-depp-street-style-lookhow-to-style-jeans-menmen-shorts-bootsmen-street-style-leather-jacketsmen-street-style-hairstyle-tattoosmen-street-style-rock-ruggedrock-style-men-street-fashiontumblr_me0z5zQ1PU1qh9n5lo1_500white v-neck jeans leather jacket new york fashion week mens street style Lincoln Center september 2012 finalmen-tankto-stylesporty-chic-men-streetstylesporty-look-men-street-styleThe Dapper/Casual Chic Style: bare feet in perfect shoes, shirts, trousers and blazers. Keep it monochromatic or go wild on prints, colors and textures. No rules, remember, it’s all about feeling and looking great. Buttoned cardigans over shirts or T-shirts with chinos look super cool, laid back yet perfectly put together. Or you might want to don a suit… go for it. A while ago I was so into David Ghandi’s look, but now… not so much. I mean the guy is channeling Al Capone just a little too much. Just saying. dapper-look-streetstyle-menmen-glam-look-streetstyledapper-looks-street-style-mendapper-look-street-sfashion-menmen-hat-streetstylemen-dapper-lookloafers-men-street-stylemen-street-style-colored-lookmen-streetstyle-brown-suitmen-suit-street-stylemen-suit-streetstylemen-trends-suitman-street-style-rolled-pantsmen-look-street-stylemen-streetstylemen-street-style-bagsAnd for summer… the shorts look. Kinda tricky so don’t go there unless you can nail it. Sure most of these guys are models off duty, so no surprise there, style wise, but a few tips to probably steal from them would be to do your own thing, and get creative with clothes and looks. There is no getting it wrong basically, as long as you own it. If you’re a rock guy stick to black, edgy details and the classic leather jacket. Fuck rules and be yourself. If you’re into slick styles, quality is the key. A nice cut blazer and fitted shirt will have you looking like a million dollar babe. More looks for inspiration below… men-in-shorts-streetstylemen-summer-look-street-stylenavy-shorts-men-street-styleshorts-streetstyle-men

More street style looks…disheveled-hair-men-street-styleedgy-rugged-boho-look-menhipster-men-streetstylemen-fashion-trends (2)men-leather-jeackets-street-stylemen-look-leather-shirtmen-on-bike-looks-streetstylemen-streetstyle-bagmen-streetstyle-rolledup-sleevedPhotographer Nammen-suit-look-street-fashionmen-trends-loafers-blazermen-trends-shadesstreetstyle-boysstreet-style-men (3)street-style-menstreetstyle-menstreet-style-men-casual-chicstyling tips-menLONDON COLLECTIONS 2012: MEN - Street Style Sightingstrends-men-fashion-streetstyletumblr_m6r57b3aoM1rn4f0qo1_500tumblr_mafe04hqDb1rdpgg2o1_500Monsieur Jerometumblr_mp9ujhF1zR1s992o2o1_500tumblr_mq0kaxroAP1qdmqkko1_500tumblr_ml697jTUDg1qh9n5lo1_500And now let’s comment away: Boys, what’s your fave style? And girls how do you like your men, (dressed)?  ;)