Uhmmmm… I am trying my very best here to not cuss, and see the khaki trend 2015 side of things but… I’m only bloody human. No more black?! What you nuts? That’s not even a question. And I ain’t dignifying such a faux pas Q with an answer. Yes, I have lately been seen and spotted one too many times in white, and red, and blue, and all the other yippie-yay colours, but black remains my only love.

I just happen to have a nice tan so I was only playing up on that, and now when I’m back in the all-black business you are telling me it’s over. Done. Finito?

Bitch please. The fashion squad will always wear black. Except of course when KHAKI is the new black, then the creme is spotted in washed out army colours. Wait, what?

Apparently there’s 2 things going on here: #1 I am off my meds hence the tripping I’m having with my other personality. It’s fine though, she keeps me sane. And #2 while I was too busy selfie-ing my tan in white outfits the craziest thing happened. Pfff. A new trend arise on the sartorial stage: The KHAKI clothes. Its the ARMY-MILITARY’s motherfucking sibling. Groundbreaking, what can I say.


Well… while it’s not the newest bulb in the chandelier, I will say this – it is a great turnover for the army trend which let’s call it like it is, it’s nice an’ all, but it’s the first bloody thing we see once the leaves of autumn fall.

Even so, the KHAKI trend 2015 isn’t a far cry from its military sibling. What is does though, is it translates the initial army style into more looks, it’s more flexible. Designers are brilliant (doh, that’s why they’re designers) and have taken the 1 common trait the military style has had over the years, and just gave us mortals its raw and bare common ground: the colour.

It’s KHAKI that makes any item of clothing look military inspired. So you can rock a tuxedo for all you want, IF however, you do it in green military colour – KHAKI – it’ll look army inspired. And yes, you will look freaking hot, powerful and incredibly empowering at the same time.

That’s the thing about this KHAKI trend and the military looks altogether: they’re relaxed and effortless, but structured and disciplined at the same time. They’re masculine, but you can ooze hotness and uber femininity in them. They’re empowering. Rebelious. And very sophisticated.

khaki-trend-2015-1 khaki-trend-2015-3 khaki-trend-2015-4

What does the KHAKI trend 2015 bring new to the fashion table? 

Freedom of choice. If I wanna do the military laid back style, hell I can just throw on a khaki sweater with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket and BAM! there you have it.

If I want a casual rad look, I’ll go for khaki cargo pants and a slouchy top.

But if you wanna turn the heat on there are so many powerful options. Think stiletto heels, bold lips and khaki dress, pencil skirt, jumpsuits, structured coats, trench coats, shirt dresses. The sky’s the limit.

As much as I bitched about this khaki trend being the new IT bad boy of the block… I gotta say, I dig it. Personally I adore the army luxe styles, the structured ones, the high heels one, the bold lips, the badass looks. BUT, the 90s grunge, the laid back coolness, the cargo style – those hold up pretty nice up there as well. It’s all a matter of whatever floats your boat.

Mine floats better in black outfits, but I’ll try something new for the fun of it, you know.

Goddam, goddamn… now I’m actually craving for some fab khaki clothes. Pffff, story of my life.

Some of my picks, to quench that khaki-military thirst.


And how the sartorials are doing it, right below.


khaki-trend-2015-6 khaki-trend-2015-7


khaki-trend-2015-9 khaki-trend-2015-11 khaki-trend-2015-12 khaki-trend-2015-13 khaki-trend-2015-14 khaki-trend-2015-15 khaki-trend-2015-16 khaki-trend-2015-17 khaki-trend-2015-18

Paris Street Style Sept. 26, 2013 RTW Spring Summer 2014

khaki-trend-2015-20 khaki-trend-2015-21 khaki-trend-2015-22 khaki-trend-2015-23 khaki-trend-2015-25 khaki-trend-2015-26

If there’s one thing that remains constant and stable about me it’s how unstable I actually am. The fact that I’m kinda coveting the khaki trend 2015 right now is seriously no surprise. Chances are the scenario will be like this: I’ll drape myself in khaki (just cause keeping it moderate is somewhat of a challenge for me), I will love it as I walk out the door, and up to the moment I come across other humans, which will probably ALL be wearing black. At which point, I will deeply regret not sticking to my all-black-habits, all the while my brain screaming ‘wtf’ to my khaki once-stylish-look. And my evening will be fucked.

And they have the audacity to say I’m unstable. Please.


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  1. Giuseppina says:

    Wow! Thank you! I continually wanted to write on my blog something like that. Can I take a fragment of your post to my blog?

  2. Stacy Mize says:

    Yep… Khakhi and black make a great combo! These lot really casual; and still really hot. Totally love it & definitely gonna try it.. <3

  3. caroline says:

    I always love khaki this time of year, it just works with the season but like you, black is always the go to!

  4. Tiffany Haskin says:

    I love khaki! It will never be the new black though. I tend to mix in black whenever I wear khaki. Although, there is actually black khaki, so that’s a win win!


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