Spring Trend Alert: ORANGE Is The New Black?!

Or, 50 Shades of Tangerine? Or why don’t you better ‘picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies.’

We might as well do it, and live on tangerines, oranges, sugar melons, lemons, and all the possible fruits of this summer shade. I mean, since we go through all the trouble of eating orange food and watching orange shows I think we could actually go all the way and drape ourselves in tangerine. It’ll only show our full commitment. A tad of insanity as well, but c’mon, you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette.

Yes, my lovelies, I’m having that crazy moment again – the monochromatic obsession, this time in full-on-spring-and-summer-mood: TANGERINE.

orange-looks tangerine-looks

Okay, I might have been slightly biased or at least influenced by some short trend report I’ve recently seen on E!, and the SS2015 trends happening, among which monochromatic (nudes, whites et all) and tangerine are massive.

So let’s see: are you IN on the tangerine trend, and if so are you going all the way, read monochromatic, OR just a splash of orange is enough? 

2015-summer-trend-look-tangerine-4 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-4


Truth is, any vibrant colour is a summer IT thing, but focusing on tangerine this season, when everything seems to be all basic, white/nude monochromatic, lacy, masculine, boho-chic, muted colours, a little bit of electric vibes is a must. And that’s precisely what tangerine is: it’s vibrant, electric, fun, out-of-ordinary, girly, powerful, fresh, looks so trendy, and tastes so good. ;)

2015-summer-trend-look-tangerine-1 2015-summer-trend-look-tangerine-2 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-7


1. All the way, head-to-toe. THIS is a major beautiful statement. I think nothing beats a tangerine summer look like a long orange dress, with spaghetti straps, in silk, bare back and thin body jewellery. Or a great orange jumpsuit.

orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-10 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-22 tangerine-dresses

2. I may preach but I gotta practice. As much as I love the above, when it comes to colour I’m so stuck on black and nudes that for me, draping myself in orange pretty much equals dressing in an orange suit. But I wanna fix this. So, baby-steps: orange top, orange skirts, orange pants, orange shoes, orange bag… You get it.

orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-12 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-14 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-15 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-19 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-21 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-24

I feel like for the past years we’ve focused our summers on whites and sometimes a dash of reds or blues, but we’ve never been this adventurous to do ONE colour as vibrant as tangerine head to toe. It was always about prints mostly. Orange by itself is trendy, out of the box but also retro somehow. It’s got that 70s vibe to it, and when it comes to its shades, the sky’s the limit. From muted pale orange-yellow colours to incredibly bright shades of electric tangerine, almost reddish – ALL is in.

2015-summer-trend-look-tangerine-3 2015-summer-trend-look-tangerine-5 2015-summer-trend-look-tangerine-6 2015-summer-trend-look-tangerine-7 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-1 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-2 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-3 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-5 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-8 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-18 orange-outfits-summer-trend-streetstyle-20 spring-trend-tangerine tangerine-styles tangerine-trend

So what will you have for lunch today? Ah you know… a freshly squeezed orange juice to go my my head-to-toe-TANGERINE outfit. Thank you.

Shop the look:

Tangerine dress – Elizabeth & James 

Tangerine bag – Calvin Klein 

Sunglasses – Wildfox Couture