It certainly is the safest if not the most boring choice. Yeah, I’m aware y’all might consider killing me over this statement, but hear me out.

Earlier this week I ranted about the PARKA for men being a ticket to their winter hotness (and not just temperature wise, if you know what I mean), and I single handily picked the hottest men in the coolest parkas so we can drool over them, and convince the male beautiful specimens in our lives to join, if they haven’t, on the parka bandwagon. Okay.

Seriously I’d rather see a beautiful man in a parka then a puffer. Cause you know, birthday suits are outta question. Anyway… why the damn double standard on this one?

When it comes to us, the Goddesses of our men’s lives I truly think PARKAS look great, feel great (they do keep us warm), BUT they’ve sort of become a ticket to this boring uniform that personally I’d hate to be part of.

You know: wears parka, most likely a hat as well (God help me if I see one more hat I will murder the wearer), those ankle boots that were super cool circa 2010, skinny jeans, middle part hair, age around 19-20, sips on Starbucks most likely, shops at Zara, hungry for everything cool and pop-culture inspired, sans a drop of personal razzmatazz and desire to even be slightly self-inspired.

Yeah… I’m not a very big fan of the parka.

Until just a few days ago I have been on the lookout for one to keep me warm during this terrible cold (logic reasons as you very well see), BUT if by miracle I should stumble upon a beautiful vintage fur coat, well… parka will lose my friends.

Deep down inside I really like a fur lined parka with a massive fur hoodie, but then deep down inside I really dislike the ubiquitous style that has evolved around wearing a parka. It’s nice but so is a cookie, until you have to eat it every goddamn day for months in a row, you know?


Why I would/could still chose a parka in 2017? 

  • if I can’t find THE vintage fur coat of my dreams.
  • cause I’m too cold
  • cause I’m style-lazy
  • cause it does look kinda great
  • cause it’s super versatile
  • easy to wear with ANYTHING.

SHOP for best parkas. 


Street style inspo.



Well those were my 2 cents about this coat. What I’ll feel about it tomorrow or next week, who the hell knows anymore? But if you see me wearing one in the near future… don’t judge. Or judge. Better yet, give me a call so we can judge me together.

If you see me wearing a hat, kill me.



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