First of all I confess I secretly want to make a case for flat boots, period. Second of all I confess I’m chicken shit scared that all this love I have for comfort these days, is a sign of oldie-but-goldie. But then I picture some stilettos heels as hot as hell and I’m like ‘nah girl, you’re good.’

Anyway, let’s just call it like it is: comfy shoes are not bad at all. They’re only bad if they look like shit, which in the case of flat boots of 2018 is not true. In fact, flat boots this season look pretty sleek and very dapper, which makes them a great choice for office days, for smarter looks, for a style with a dash of edge even.

I mean who the hell wants to teeter-totter in high heels at 8 am?

Well sometimes it’s not a bad idea. But other times… ya just wanna feel good and look good.

The secret to wearing flat boots and looking dashing is the quality of the boots. Expensive looking fabrics and designs allow flat boots to go a long way, from casual weekends all the way to office killer outfits.

How to pick the right flat boots in 2018?

Go for more pointy toe flat boots, the kind that look very sleek, with maybe a slight 1 inch square heel, in patent leather, leather, or even suede (but good quality). They can be shorter and you can wear them with socks peaking from underneath, or higher on your feet, tight or tube-like, depending what style you’re going for.

Basically there are 5 types of flat boots that you can rock this season.

  • the chelsea boots (perfect for office)
  • the cowboy boots (inspired or full on)
  • over-the-knee flat boots
  • uggs
  • timberlands

The staple and most versatile flat boot remains un-doubtly the chelsea boots. It’s classic, sleek, goes with everything, anytime, it looks smart but casual, it’s comfortable and you can find billions of styles from retail to designer.

The cowboy boots are not necessarily having a comeback but if you wear a pair it’s not a faux pas. A classic pair of understated black ankle cowboy boots kinda look amazing. But then again I’m pretty in love cowboy boots no matter what.

One of my faves types of flat boots are over-the-knee flat boots. But seriously give me any type of over the knees shoe and I’ll take it. These look amazing with anything especially dresses, skirts, skinny jeans and some oversized sweater on top. Perfection.

Without further ado here’s all the outfits inspo you’ll need.


Shop my fave flat boots:


xoxo D.

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