4 Ways To Wear Ankle Boots

The world’s biggest discoveries since Columbus are not avocados, landing on the Moon, water on Mars, peanut butter, post-its. No. No. It’s the ANKLE BOOTS people. If right now you are questioning my shallowness… go ahead, by all means. But while you do it, let me ask you one thing: what are you wearing – shoes wise – in the cold season? Is it avocado? Do you drape yourselves in peanut butter and go on a Moon-Mars vacay? Errrr… I guess nooooot. I’m actually guessing you’re pretty much living in ankle boots once it’s autumn and then winter, so… joke’s on you.

Jokes-nobody’s-laughing-at-except-for-me aside, I really do think the ubiquity of ankle boots is way past trends, and winter must-have lists, and what to wear in the cold season. They’ve become even more than a staple if that’s possible. They’re the no-brainer shoes in our closets. The can’t live without water in our sartorial lives. Of course there’s the sneakers, and the classic pumps, and the thigh-high-boots (OMG kill me now. Major lust!)… but ankle boots is what we roll with usually from Mondays to Sundays, from dusk till dawn.

ankle-boots ankle-boots


The downside of all this ankle boots phenomenon is a certain kind of uniformity is causes fashion wise. I mean, it’s all great we look like pretty cows in big feet and skinny legs, but sometimes I for one feel like banging my head against the walls for lack of outfit ideas on ankle boots. Boredom. That’s what kicks in after a while. How do I solve it? I don’t. I always end up in one of my 2 pairs of ankle boots, and one of my gazillion pairs of jeans, which are always cuffed, cropped, rolled, because BARE ANKLES hello! No seriously. This time I am not joking. The bare ankles, courtesy of the ankle boots mania is probably the biggest trend so far.

To cut a long story short, and come to aid for everyone who’s got a case of no more ankle boots ideas, here are 4 simple easy peasy ways to wear ankle boots all year round, to avoid sartorial boredom.

  1. Ankle boots X MINIS. Or bare legs/tights kinda look and by that I mean: mini skirts, shorts, mini dresses. This look is amazing all year round whether you wear stiletto ankle boots for a more sassy sexy feminine take on this style, or you go for square heels aka 70s-90s girly looks, or for flat ankle boots aka motorcycle inspired or even cowboy styles, which I am STILL obsessed with.

I would always always always complete this look in fall with a long trench-coat or coat. The play with layers is a fantastic way actually to do this style.

For weekends a pair of shorts or a mini skirt with a loose tee, a pair of flat or square heeled ankle boots and a looooooong trench coat cinged messy at the waist is effortless style at its best.

For evenings, or dinners a mini dress with long sleeves and a pair of stiletto ankle boots with a long sleek coat over is perfection.

ankle-boots ankle-boots ankle-boots ankle-boots ankle-boots

2. Ankle boots X MIDI Lenghts. Think Fashion Week sophistication. What might sound like a no-no in terms of style, cause of the weird lengths, is actually a pretty chic way to don the ankle boots. HOW? Think midi length pleated skirts or 70s dresses, pencil skirts, office dresses even, and culottes. Do not say ‘no’ to this until you try it. It’s all about proportion and visuals so if you feel you’re legs are shortened then you need to go for high heeled ankle boots, if you’re lucky to be tall you can wear any style. THIS is probably the only time I find my skyscraper height useful.

Waist length jackets look fantastic with this style, but again if proportion wise it looks good go for long coats too.

how-to-wear-ankle-boots-10 how-to-wear-ankle-boots-8 how-to-wear-ankle-boots-6 ankle-boots-midi-skirts ankle-boots-looks-5 ankle-boots-looks-4

3. Ankle boots X LONG PANTS. Skinny jeans tend to look best with ankle boots because you can wear them tucked in, or cuffed. Cropped dressy pants look amazing with stiletto ankle boots and a long coat hanging off your shoulders effortlessly. It screams fashion editor all the way.

From stiletto, to flat, to chunky heeled, to cowboy or moto inspired THIS is the classic ankle boots look.

ankle-boots-looks-3 ankle-boots-looks-8 ankle-boots-looks-10 ankle-boots-looks-9 ankle-boots-looks-7 ankle-boots-looks-6

4. Ankle boots X BARE ANKLES. Yasssss. Yassss. Yassss. THIS is the #1 trend of the century. No matter how freezing it is, no matter where you are going, no matter if it’s skinny jeans, dressy pants, boyfriend jeans – cuffing these suckers or wearing them cropped is the most simple yet sophisticated way to don ankle boots. Also showing a bit of skin is kinda cool (I sound like I’m 15 now), but in winter ankles are probably the only flesh we can flaunt. So that sums it up.

how-to-wear-ankle-boots-29 ankle-boots-skinny-jeans how-to-wear-ankle-boots-1 how-to-wear-ankle-boots-2 how-to-wear-ankle-boots-28

Now that my tips are done and my jokes have left me it’s time for some ankle boots eye candy. My fave picks…


Aaaaand of course the street stylers:


ankle-boots-skirts bare-legs-ankle-boots how-to-wear-ankle-boots-3 how-to-wear-ankle-boots-4 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-22 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-23 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-16 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-20 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-14 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-15 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-12 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-13 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-9 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-11 how-to-wear-ankle-boots-12 how-to-wear-ankle-boots-13 how-to-wear-ankle-boots-23 how-to-wear-ankle-boots-25 street-style-ankle-boots-1 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-1 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-2 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-3 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-6 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-7 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-5 winter-street-style-ankle-boots-4

So what do you think: do you also live in your ankle boots once it’s autumn? And which style is you fave?

Let’s talk about anything you want. And also ankle boots.