The fad around town these days seems to be a lack of balls supplemented by our #QOTD consumerism penchant. You feel something, you like something, you dislike something else… don’t say it just like that, find a quote, splash it on a pic that’s got nothing to do with the quote, and share it with total strangers.

So in this we-share-everything-culture-but-none-of-us-is-really-sayting-something-personal it’s better to wear it than actually voicing the words. Hm. Something like: Whatever you wanna say to my face, don’t. WEAR IT when we meet, and I promise to do the same in return.

Is it wrong? No. Not at all actually. If the shoe fits, lace that bitch up and wear it, you know.

SLOGAN TOPS are the new love letters and statement writings. Of course they have little to do with the pen per se, but a slogan tee is nonetheless quite a statement you’re making. In a time when saying what we feel, think, like, dislike is done through memes and Instagram or FB pics splashed with some quote that in time is losing its power of making a point, no wonder the void left by our lack-of-balls was filled with a trend. And what a trend. Frankly it’s brilliant.graphic-tees-trend-2


The SLOGAN TEE Trend basically embodies everything there is about today: the social media phenomenon, our sharing of memes and quotes which we’re all guilty of people (if not by sharing at least by liking a few out there), communicating our moods and feelings to total strangers through some #qotd thing, the return of casual looks in fashion, boyfriend tees, enough simplicity to give you room for experimenting with your own style. I honestly believe all the above has led to us being more creative. After all, what is fashion if not a raw and honest reflection of its own times?

We took A and put it next to B and made an A+B thing wrapped up really nice, with a ribbon on top and delivered it to the world. It may not be our own per se… but it still communicates US, you know. And BTW, who the hell is stopping any of us to make up our own sayings and print them on t-shirts? God knows, according to my friends I’ve come up with quite a few cheeky, dirty ones over the holidays, all guilty pleasures related. Doh. So… I might have to start wearing them soon.

Fashion wise – the SLOGAN TOPS – are one of the most brilliant ways of doing the casual effortless simple style with a touch of statement. A touch of personal ‘you’. There are quotes and memes some of us would never in a million years wear, while others I’d literally drape myself in. And other I’d do for the irony of it. Those are the best.

graphic-tees-trend-1 graphic-tees-trend-4 graphic-tees-trend-5slogan-tees-2

How to do the SLOGAN TOPS trend?

The easiest way is to go for simple tops: white or grey tees, or sweatshirts that have a graphic message-slash-slogan written on them. In black. Pair them with jeans for a casual look. Opt for tennis shoes, brogues, flats, or ankle boots for a comfy style, OR choose heels for that dayum factor.

If the slogan is appropriate you can even don these tops for office. Pair them with pants or tuck them in a pencil skirt, heels and a blazer on top and it’s simple but sophisticated.

For a more funky and daring style go for luxe-sweatshirts with crazy slogans in patterns and prints and sequins and everything you wish for. Just throw it on there. These look best paired with jeans, creating a more balanced look, OR with cool skirts (pleated, midi, pencil styles) for a fashion-week-street-style-kinda-look.

graphic-tees-trend-10 slogan-tops-trend-2015-10 slogan-tops-trend-2015-11graphic-tees-trend-7

TIP: always, always, always go for slogans that represent you. Always know what it says and means. It may be a strong quote, a cheeky joke – if you chose to wear it, rock that shit. Own it and never apologise for it. Still… be kind people.

Street style inspo…


t-shirts-with-messages-15 t-shirts-with-messages-16t-shirts-with-messages-13 t-shirts-with-messages-14t-shirts-with-messages-11 t-shirts-with-messages-12t-shirts-with-messages-9 t-shirts-with-messages-10t-shirts-with-messages-7 t-shirts-with-messages-8t-shirts-with-messages-5 slogan-tees-1slogan-tees-3slogan-tees-5slogan-tees-7slogan-tees-8slogan-tops-trend-2015-3slogan-tops-trend-2015-4slogan-tops-trend-2015-5slogan-tops-trend-2015-6slogan-tops-trend-2015-7slogan-tops-trend-2015-26slogan-tops-trend-2015-16slogan-tops-trend-2015-20slogan-tops-trend-2015-21slogan-tops-trend-2015-22slogan-tops-trend-2015-24slogan-tops-trend-2015-27

The retail chains have recently professed their love for this trend more so than in the past, so chances are you’ll find a motherfucker to fit your cool persona. IF NOT… I dare say you can create your own thing: come up with a saying, or just borrow lyrics from your fave tunes, buy a simple tee (or not so simple, whatever floats your boat) and print it. I know people who have done it. I have no clue whatsoever, but I know it’s totally doable.

In case you’re not one to create your own (who me?) here are my fave slogan tees for every possible situation.


Why this style may be the best and worst? Well… it’s the worst (although not really) cause it strips us a bit of all that’s intimate and personal. We literally might end up wearing our hearts on our sleeves. Good luck coming alive outta that one. It’s also way too ubiquitous. Too slogan-memes-trendy. But hey… I’d rather look at the bright side and think of it as the perfect trend that screams something more than style. Making a point to the world about something even if no one asked us, and no one really gives a fuck… now that is owing it. It’s loud and statement-isa. So it’s a YES.

Have a great week my beautiful ones and don your slogan tees with pride.


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