How To Dress Simple But Not Basic?

Aaaa… THE talk. As fucking enticing as it is I’ll refrain my skinny fingertips from typing away into the basic (bitches) talk, because frankly we shouldn’t be bothered with basic stuff. Well that didn’t sound too simple at all, but you know what I mean.

A while ago the sartorial world had lost it over basic anything – tops,  pants, cuts et all, when the infamous word was a positive one, like how to wear basic tops, and by that we rocked anything plain, simple, and made it chic. A few months went by and we were happy in our basic looks and basic lives, until one day somebody said basic was, well… basic. And we’re not doing that shit anymore.

Our friend turned on us. And THAT is a story that hits too close to home sometimes. So we switched, and changed, and kept what worked, and ditched what sucked.

Today’s basic is… how should I say… an insult. It means too generic, lacking in razzmatazz (at most), in passion, in life, in creativity, in personality. Let’s get real my loves, we all know a few basic bitches out there. More basic than a plain white sheet on which they sit their plain ass dressed in plain jeans, or more simple than a 1+1 operation. I don’t know about yours but mine dress basic too. The irony right? At times they’d spice it up with some red nails or an all-black outfit and act like they’re the fucking queens of edgy style. As if.

The paradox in all this is that the new B word has actually nothing to do with its previous meaning. Simple style is still very much coveted. There’s just a difference between simple and basic.

simple-chic simple-looks simple-style

To me personally basic anything and anyone means boring. Plain and simple. Boring and generic on the worst level. But perhaps that’s just me. I’m a sucker for stories that are odd, for quirky people, for inappropriate convos, for style so simple you fall in love with, and style so bold and loud you cannot look away. I’m a sucker for real talks, looks so deep and real they’re uncomfortable for the soul. I’m a sucker for music that my soul can cry to, and my body can feel. I’m a sucker for dresses that dance around the body, for clothes that don’t cage, but hug me. I love accidental touches of hands. The electric feel that only something real can give you, whether it’s a person, a film, a video, a memory, a pair of mom-jeans and a white tee – if it makes you feel more or just something else… you’ve got it. You’re lucky like that.

They say STYLE – you either have it, or you don’t. I do think some people have an inborn good taste. They’re the kind of people who will wear a basic white t-shirt and a pair of those mom jeans, and look like models off duty. These are the people that can make anything work. But style… you learn. A part of it at least.

These days it’s precisely personal style that’s taking over fashion per se. Statemtnt bold looks will forever be IN and scouted by street style photographers, but everyone who’s in or out of fashion will forever skip a heartbeat at a simple look, be it classy, cool, retro, elegant, or business. A perfectly mastered simple look will speak more than any bold shoes and mismatched prints. There’s a certain kind of French chicness or challenge to be so in a simple but not basic look. Such a look is clean and minimalist.


How to nail the simple style, sans looking basic? Hate me or hate me, you know, but it basically comes down to the lucky ones. You either have it or you don’t as they say. HOWEVER I do think practice makes perfect and the best way to nail a simple look is to give it a go with the following tips:

  • monochromatic outfits (all-white and all-black)
  • dainty jewellery (thin necklace)
  • if you do statement jewellery stick to only one piece
  • black and white outfits work best (black pants or jeans with white basic tee)
  • any jeans combo kept simple
  • pick clean lines, classic cuts, simple pieces, one colour pieces
  • give it a twist with the details (nails either long or short in dark colours have that minimal edge to them, thin rings, cool haircut, or simple bun hairstyles, funky sunglasses).
  • invest in great shoes and bags.


I confess that lately I am more and more obsessed with the crispiness a minimal simple outfit gives you. Sure, it mostly takes a trained sartorial eye to give you the kudos, but we ain’t dressing for the crowd. We’re dressing for us.

I’ve made a tiny list of my fave basic pieces for a guaranteed simple but chic style.


I do think though that summer is the best season to do minimal simple looks. In order to have the same brilliance in winter we just gotta focus on those clean lines, and monochromatic outfits. A little bit of winter outfit inspo #simplenotbasic down below:


how-to-dress-simple-chic-1 how-to-dress-simple-chic-2 how-to-dress-simple-chic-4 how-to-dress-simple-chic-6 how-to-dress-simple-chic-7 how-to-dress-simple-chic-10 how-to-dress-simple-chic-16 how-to-dress-simple-chic-19 how-to-dress-simple-chic-21 how-to-dress-simple-chic-23 how-to-dress-simple-chic-24 how-to-dress-simple-chic-26 how-to-dress-simple-chic-27 how-to-dress-simple-chic-28 how-to-dress-simple-chic-29 how-to-dress-simple-chic-30 how-to-dress-simple-chic-31 how-to-dress-simple-chic-32 how-to-dress-simple-chic-36 how-to-dress-simple-chic-39 how-to-dress-simple-chic-40

Am I right, or am I wrong who the fuck knows, and I don’t blame you for not caring either. There are times when we adore over the tops looks, when statement turns into our daily routine, but then there are those times when AH… nothing will beat the feeling of a clean simple look. Shades on. Jacket hanging off your shoulders. Naked ankles. Shut the front door.

Oh… and on the ‘how to not look basic?’ question: just don’t be a dick or a bitch bitch. Simple as that.

In case you’re wondering: yes, I’m off the meds, got my period, and don’t believe or give a fuck about censorship.

‘Av a great one! xoxo