You may be tempted to think the question above is simply stupid, YET not all stupid things are un-true. #whatthe Maybe the question mark should’ve been added after something like: is the denim shirt still a staple, and if it is, do we still love it? If it’s not… (which is a total bullshit in my humble opinion) why do we still gravitate towards it? I mean we do, right?!

And who the fuck decides whether or not it’s ok and staple worthy to wear a old piece over and over again? Right!

I may not know a lot about a lot of things, but this I know: the moment I can’t wear something I make it my sartorial life mission to drape myself in that thing. And now it’s the denim shirt. In which I can’t fit because #babybump So if you see me rocking  my Canadian tuxedo – that is the reason.

Pretty selfish or at least self-absorbed right?

But I can’t be the only one still hung up on the denim shirt, so given this present predicament AND the denim shirt’s classic’ness I think it’s safe to say we do still love the denim shirt in 2018, and we’ll love it in 2080 as well. The only adjustment I’d do is in regards to its styling. I mean that’s the bloody key to it all at the end of the day, and allows us to wear incredibly ugly even dated pieces IF we know HOW to wear them.

What does the denim shirt look like in 2018?

Well, it looks like a pair of shoes. Just joking. Of course it looks like its old siblings, YET there’s a shift in its cut and design which is more towards cowboy inspired, printed, dark blue denim, rugged, oversized, polished, masculine, architectural, bold. Vintage and edgy.

A lot of designers actually showed denim shirts on the catwalk for 2018 SS, and if that’s not a green pass to this piece I don’t know what is. Especially in a time when the blue jeans are so losing ground.

How to wear the denim shirt in 2018?

The key is to wear it as a shirt, not as a layer, not as a 2010-denim-shirt, not unbuttoned, over a tee. Treat it with importance and style.

Go for any colour, any size, and cut – even those 2010 style ones if you want to, and button it all the way up, tuck it in into a pair of office trousers, or wear it loose, and unbuttoned with your fave pair of jeans. It all depends what look you’re going for.

Keep the jewels minimal, no more chunky necklaces, no more 1,234,567 bangle bracelets, and chandelier earrings.

Less is more and apparently *this* will make a bigger statement. The 2018 denim shirt look is more vintage and sleek.

How to not wear the denim shirt anymore?

  • don’t tuck it in into low waist jeans
  • don’t wear it as a cardigan, it’s a shirt
  • don’t pair it with leggings anymore
  • don’t go overboard with jewellery

The light denim shirt.

While 2018 has more penchant for vintage yet modern and polished looking denim shirts, which means darker blue denim, the light aka baby blue denim shirt is such a summer winner. Or maybe I just like it too much to let go of it.

The light denim shirt looks amazing in that thin and summer light fabric, slightly oversized, half tucked in, or not at all, paired with dark trousers for office, or loose culottes, or shorts.

The look is more relaxed, be it professional or casual.



The dark denim shirt. 

It’s a more formal take on this shirt with a more retro/vintage vibe. Usually dark denim is for autumn or winter, but in summer it’s perfect for office, if the cut and fit is tighter, and for casual if it’s oversized.



The fitted denim shirt.

While it’s not our first choice, because denim shirts are all about relaxed, casual styles, the fitted denims are a good choice for office wear, and maybe even events. So you can pair one with a pencil skirt, or high waisted trousers.



The oversized denim shirt. 

THIS is so 2018. It’s a very cool and prefect outfit for casual days, for relaxed office hours paired with anything from shorts to jeans, to cigarette pants, to mini skirts.



Despite the fact that I’ve haven’t worn a denim shirt in like 1,234 years, I love it, and I’ll always love it. I just need to get my body into one asap.

So my answer is YES. Evidently I still love the denim shirt. How about you?

xoxo D



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  1. Martha Rose says:

    I can wear denim all 12 months. There are so many ways of wearing. Thanks for sharing the ideas :)


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