Girls, How About We Live In Our DENIM Shirts?

girls-denim-shirt-looks Whenever I’ve got a blogger’s block I usually just choose the easy way out, and think about what my friends and I are always, always, like all the time, wearing. Both us girls, as well the the hot men by our sides. Er you’re welcome boys. And this morning it hit me: DENIM SHIRTS.

You’d think we were all auditioning for some cowboy part in a western flick every Friday or Saturday night, riding our horses to clubs, ‘sipping whiskey out the bottle not thinking bout tomorrow’, and spitting tobacco for intimidation, you know. denim-shirt-styles-autumn-looks (3) Most of us own at least one denim shirt and not rare are the times when at least 2 or 3 of us are wearing it at the same time, trying to act cool and focus more on the oh-wow-we’ve-got-great-style-part rather than, we look like freaking imagination-challenged-kids-in-uniforms-picked-out-by-someone-else-part.

Aaaaaanyway. Would’t change it for the world. :)  denim-shirt-office-looks (4) Actually I’d encourage those who don’t own a denim shirt by now to get one. Why? Well cause of the perks it comes with. You’ve got the western thing. The group thing. And the FASHION thing. Cause you know, the denim shirt is only the #1 staple since James Dean or so. Funny how denim anything is a staple, right? And I’m guessing it has to do with its versatility and effortlessness, how easy it translates to absolutely any look and style, remaining a trend or a ‘look’ if you will in any season of any decade.

It’s cool. It’s chic, if you want it to be. It’s bohemian, if you’re into that. It’s classy too. Not to mention sophisticated, and the best part about it is you can’t go wrong with it. No matter how you wear it or style it it’ll look amazing. Or at least effortlessly cool. de-1-Copy Basically it’s got so many superpowers that it’s no longer a shirt, but some magical shtick that just does it all for you.

For example if you want to look professional in a very casual chic sort of way, wear one to work, paired with classic trousers in black, dark blue, or white and heeled shoes, or oxfords. Same goes for skirts. Make sure you tuck it in, button it all the way up to the collar and why not wear a great necklace over it. For extra chicness you can cuff your sleeves. street-style-denim-shirt (3) denim-shirt-office-looks (2) denim-shirt-office-looks (5) Then, it can be a jacket, when it’s too warm for a jacket but too cold for a tee, so you just throw a denim shirt over whatever you’re wearing and leave it unbuttoned, or tie it in the front. denim-shirt-styles-autumn-looks street-style-denim-shirt (2) Then it can be the ticket to some incredibly cool sophisticated style, paired with sequined skirts, statement trousers, jeans for an all-denim-look and what not. denim-shirt-autumn-looks (3) how-to-wear-a-denim-shirt (10) tumblr_n1qb3ydiG81sffuyjo1_500 It looks great with boots, flats, heels, sandals, even barefooteddenim-shirt-office-looks (3) denim-shirt-office-looks tumblr_n56sqd37c11rofpblo1_500 Oh… not to mention it makes an amazing layering piece for super cold winter days, when you can wear it as a second thin jacket, left unbuttoned, OR, as a shirt (doh) underneath some soft pretty sweater with rolled up sleeves and round neck to show off the denim’s collar and sleeves. denim-shirt-styles-autumn-looks (2) how-to-wear-a-denim-shirt (4) And last but not least it’s the color and the designs it comes in. From super washed out, almost white hues to dark denim that looks very office appropriate. From fitted styles that mold to your body in a very classy way (these too are perfect pieces for work) to more relaxed cuts, slouchy, oversized, that allow infinite styles like the cuff or the half tuck. how-to-wear-a-denim-shirt (3) denim-shirt-styles-autumn-looks (4) It does go with anything, can be dressed up or down, compliments any skin tone, any haircut and style, and for me it’s the go to piece when I’m stuck in a pile of clothes with nothing to wear.

The best way to make it look sexy and chic is to wear it with bold lips. Instagram moment.

More looks now… denim_shirt_ap_ekso denim-shirt-autumn-looks (2) denim-shirt-autumn-looks denim-shirt-styles-autumn-looks denim-shirts-fall-style how-to-wear-a-denim-shirt (2) how-to-wear-a-denim-shirt (7) how-to-wear-a-denim-shirt (8) how-to-wear-a-denim-shirt (9) how-to-wear-a-denim-shirt (11) how-to-wear-a-denim-shirt street-style-denim-shirt street-style-denim-shirt tumblr_n1hjkiZ9yO1sg4x2zo1_1280 tumblr_n5hh6g5DV51rsyaepo1_500 tumblr_n6f0o0piQG1qkv30do1_500 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset tumblr_napu9seqAY1qkv30do1_1280 street-style-men-denim-shirts (11) Oh… and for a dose of extra ‘hipsterness’ (or whatever) you can denim-shirt-coordinate with your man, cause seriously they look so hot in a denim shirts, I don’t know why they bother taking them off. Oh wait…

But we’ll talk about them boys and their denim shirts tomorrow. ;)