Hallefuckingluja! The world is suddenly making sense for everybody. Short gals, tall gals, average height gals, we don’t need to stop stressing out anymore over the length of our jeans. The Sparrow Man look is in, and I ain’t talking about Johnny Depp’s rings and sexy voice, uh-huh… it’s those pants that are neither short, nor long. They’re great in fact! And here’s why…

The best style gimmick in the world is the exposed ankle, and t’s also the single most flattering and non-freezing piece of flesh we can flaunt in winter. Let’s take a moment for the exposed ankle trend, shall we!

Brilliant to the core.


Because of this, cropped jeans are the best invention (actually comeback) in years. They get us. They get how importante flashing the flesh is for us. They can be bought as such, or, you can DIY and cut their hem. Ta-daaa. The right-above-the-ankle-below-the-knee-length is the most faltering length in the world.

For short girls, it elongates the legs, not to mention you finally found a great way to not worry about how long your jeans are.

If you’re a tall girl – well… our head is in the clouds literally, and our jeans never fit length wise. Literally. So… if they’re not long enough to be long, might as well cut the fucking bastards and make them cool and cropped. Amen to that!

I’m telling you it’s brilliant. The cropping works for all types of jeans, from skinny to uber large, boyfriend, flares, boot-cut, you name it. My favourites I think are the culottes inspired cropped jeans, and the BF styles. They just look very chic. A bit hobo but very very understated sophisticated.

cropped-jeans-1 cropped-jeans-2 cropped-jeans-3 cropped-jeans-4


Shoes wise they go great with heels of course. It’s a safe way to pull off any look.

For a French chic style though you can opt for brogues, for tennis shoes, for flats.

For a more New York sophisticated look go for ankle boots, either heeled (stiletto or chunky) or square heels.

For lazy office days you can don a pair of BF cropped jeans with a pair of smart ankle boots. It’s very pulled together with a slight effortless twist.

Sure the wide legged cropped jeans trend is a bit funny looking, I’ll give you that, but styled properly (aka simple) it can look incredibly timeless and chic.

Being a tall giraffe I’ve spent my whole life in cropped jeans without me ever wanting to. Actually my #1 wish has always been to find jeans so long I’d never have to wear socks in my life. Well my wish never came true, but it doesn’t have to now. Long jeans are apparently overrated.

Here’s how the street stylers do it.


cropped-jeans-6 cropped-jeans-7 cropped-jeans-8 cropped-jeans-9 cropped-jeans-10 cropped-jeans-11 cropped-jeans-14 cropped-jeans-15 cropped-jeans-16 cropped-jeans-17 cropped-jeans-18 cropped-jeans-19 cropped-jeans-20 cropped-jeans-21 cropped-jeans-22 cropped-jeans-23 cropped-jeans-24 cropped-jeans-25

So what do you think: crop or no crop?


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