The Only Ankle Boots You Need In 2017!

Everything these days is relaxed: the jeans, the tops, the sweaters, the oversized jackets. It’s like we’ve said good bye to body hugging clothes, and skin tight anything and instead love the comfort and liberation of clothes that look good without making us look too-good if you know what I mean. THIS is true except for when it comes to the ankle boots of 2017.

When all goes loose, the ankle boots go skin tight. Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 celebrates a very sophisticated un-sexy but kinda hot look for the fashion lova. No matter what she has on, she’s yet not ready to give up her ankle boots, so instead of going for the overused pairs of last year, with chunky heels, tube like designs, and round-pointy toes, she’s now rocking the skin tight ankle boot that’s like a marriage between the 90s styles with the stilettos and a bit of 80s retro shoes.

2017 skin tight ankle boots are just like their name: tight around the ankles usually made out of velvet like fabrics, soft and cozy on the skin, latex, leather, et all, with straight chunky heels, either very high or low square styles, and an either round or square toe, with always a thin sole, no platform whatsoever.

They look fab in bright colours and funky 80s like glitter, OR they look really professional and sophisticated in black, paired with black skirts and uber-long black coats.

The skin tight ankle boots’ birth came just at the right time, when jeans are looser and versions of culottes are still seen around town, when wide legged cropped trousers and midi lengths skirts are pretty much autumn staples. Fashion needed new boots. Boots that are comfy but not too bulky, that are not too pretty but still look cute, that make the ankles tiny, and can be layered with all the cropped bottoms in the world.

skin-tight-ankle-boots-trend-2017-6 skin-tight-ankle-boots-trend-2017-12 skin-tight-ankle-boots-trend-2017-7 How to wear them?

Except for sweatpants and gym wear they probably look fab with anything from flirty dresses to office frocks, from jeans to skirts of all styles and lengths, for daytime and evening time, for office and party.

They look rocknroll in a very girly way: hello cropped jeans and a furry shaggy coat over. But then… they can just as easily be this posh sophisticated pair of ankle boots when worn with really dramatic all-black outfits a la Fashion Week street style.

My fave skin tight ankle boots below. Click on image to shop.


Street style inspo:


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Happy Monday everyone and I guess… keep your ankles hugged! xoxo