Yes I am actually asking this question for self-interest reasons if anything. Shocking, I know, but I do sometimes feel that slightly masculine pieces – aka combat boots – make me feel maybe less gracious or something. Not all the time. But sometimes certain items, like wearing big chunky otherwise very cool boots, feels overwhelming. Do you ever get that feeling?

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who can put on and pull off anything without a feeling of losing a bit of themselves in them, or without feeling fashion confused. # Deep fashion convos… But I often struggle with my girly versus Tomboyish side. I love them both equally, and I adore boyfriend t-shirts, hoodies, hats, big sweaters, big coats and what not… yet shoes wise I’ve always gone for the safe road: stilettos, flats, knee high boots, sneakers. Never too big, never too chunky, cause 1) I am already 176 cm and 2) because I’d always balance a tomboyish look with more ‘gracious shoes’.

I am blowing this outta proportion right now.

Anyway… considering all the above, plus living with such fashion contradictions has led to this post, and trying to figure out HOW we can wear combat boots AND look/feel chic and feminine at the same time? (did you see that ‘we’ in there? yeah… I’m praying I ain’t alone in this shit.)

However, as big of an issue as I’m making this be, without it actually being… I have realised since preparing for this article that 80% is in my mind, and that combat boots actually look great. And chic. So it’s more of  a fashion-mental obstacle…

Nevertheless let’s talk about it: HOW to wear combat boots AND look chic?

1.Feminine Dresses.

Think 90s vibes and Beverly Hills 90210 fashion. Let’s all take a moment and truly reminisce. #sighsighsighsigh THIS look is so coming back for spring 2018 courtesy of the cool kids and bloggers out there like Kaia Gerber for example, or my all times faves Camila and Aimee Song.

The combination of a spring/summer dress with a pair of combat boots is so chic and so powerful. You can pick mini styles, more midi lengths, or go for a full-on-maxi. It’s a very sophisticated and empowering look. You can layer it with any type of jacket.

In winter pair the combat boots with long-sleeve dresses/lace dresses/velvet dresses/ and layer a cool coat on top.

2. Skirts and sweaters.

Think chic office style. It’s all a matter of visuals, and you have to try a ton of lengths on to see what actually works best for you. If you go for knee-length skirts, plated styles are more balanced (however I’m so over this combo), pencil skirts tend to look too clashed somehow, so I would pick slightly above the knee styles, A-cut, or asymmetric, with a tiny slit for elongation, because you are wearing combat boots and no heels. Pair them with soft sweaters, sweatshirts, or a tucked in button-down, a long coat to keep those legs warm.

Mini skirts look best with combat boots so rock this look if you can cause it’s incredibly amazing.

3. Sweater dresses.

Or even massive sweaters and basic leggings. It’s a winter look, very laid back, very mountain inspired but also kinda chic at the same time.


4. Cropped jeans.

Of course this is my second fave combo after the first one. It’s the best!!!! Jeans that end right where the boots begin, slightly loose, but not too big, paired with big oversized sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts, and a very cool fur coat on top. It’s the best winter look ever.

In spring you can so wear the same jeans and combat boots combo with a simple t-shirt, or a cool top.

5. Cigarette pants – plaid pants style for example – and a t-shirt.

This has office sophistication written all over it. It’s professional, it looks good and feels a bit badass cause of the combat boots.

6. Cutoffs.

Of course. 90s done with a bit of 2018 chicness and street style vibe meets Coachella. PERFECTION.


  • because the style of combat boots in itself is more badass and rugged, pick styles that are more polished, and look expensive. It’ll give you a more grown-up kinda vibe to it all. Unless of course you don’t give a shit, in which case I hate you, so go on and wear them.
  • wear accessories that look very chic and sort of feminine powerful with combat boots: sunglasses, bold lips, jewellery, designer bags.
  • Stay away from blinged combat boots, those styles that are adorned with studs and stones and all sorts of gems. They’re so over. Pick classic sleek styles instead.

Street style inspiration:


Get the look:


So what do you think: do you have the same fashion struggle, or do you just wear them and pull them off instantly? Do you like them?

xoxo D.

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  1. Cheryl Van Dorn says:

    My favorites are L.L. Bean & Cole Haan & some others, I love them with my Cargo Pants, Boot Leg Jeans, & some Maxi Skirts, good grief, LL Bean makes a fortune off of women’s Duck & Moccasin Boots!!! Love Them!!! <3!!! tysm :-)!!!


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