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Do You Like Your Jeans RIPPED?

ripped-jeans Hardly a new trend, the ripped jeans look is gaining more and more spotlight due to this thing in fashion we like to call effortlessness. Could we blame those off duty models for this one? I mean they do own this can’t-be-bothered-style and loose sophistication.

Some old ripped T-shirt paired with a sequined skirt and unlaced boots in between shows. Or those ripped boyfriend jeans that make her look like a rockstar doll. Yep. I think these girls are to blame for our constant chase to look posh yet unprepared.

Who the hell would not want to emulate an off duty model’s look? Well, lots of people actually, but then again, lots would do, hence loads of trends that were born from the streets courtesy of models & fashionsistas. ripped-jeans-model-off-duty-style Or, if ever at a loss for that who’s-to-blame-for this-trend, we’ve always got those 90’s with their grungy rock/punk styles. The ripped jeans thing? Yeah. It’s reminiscent of this decade as well. black-ripped-jeans For some reason though I can’t seem to shake off the why behind this ripped jeans trend, and the more I linger on it, the more I find culprits. My new one: today’s cluster of styles, and the clashing of looks all into one eclectic mix. The triumph of personal style over fashion, be it made up of vintage mixed with high street or even high end brands. how-to-wear-ripped-jeans There’s something incredibly refreshing about knowing there is no wrong way in nailing it today style wise. Sure there are some rules, but even those we can break with the right attitude. And a fuck off.

Somewhere on the way we probably just got tired of having to look all prepped up, polished and uber feminine, at all times and costs, as if striving for perfection, which doesn’t even exist. And if it did, it’s fucking boring. So we came up with this gimmick: why don’t we get a little bit from those rocknroll years, a bit from today’s glam, a bit from here, a bit from there and see what happens.

We loosen up, that’s what happens and we finally nail the much coveted effortlessness. Amen to that! streetstyle7231-web And to top off all this ripping, as a testimony to our incredible style originality, a new (sorta) trend was born – the Shredded Jeans! 

Subtility out the window, and we’ve got girls showing off legs in oversized rolled up jeans that are literally all shredded apart, held together by the side seams.

They look best with hot heels and a tucked in white shirt, but honestly now… if you wear them with sexy stilettos any top will look fabulous: cropped, oversized, vintage, printed, plain, tee, sweater, coat, jacket, bustier and so on. jeans-trend-ripped large-ripped-jeans-street-style ripped-jeans (2) ripped-jeans-look-street-style shredded-jeans street-style-ripped-jeans (2) Flat shoes look OK with boyfriend shredded jeans, if you’re going for a laid back androgynous style: oxfords, ballet flats, or my all time fave, sneakers. Make sure you add a cool watch and spice it up with accessories to give a bit of chicness and femininity. boyfrined-ripped-jeans ripped-jeans-trend-2014 Boots are probably a no-no with shredded oversized jeans, unless they’re heeled ankle boots, they’d probably look great with a coat & a beanie. ripped-jeans-street-style If oversized shredded jeans are too much for you, you’ll always have the kinda skinny ripped styles. Bored of your skinnies? Rip those fuckers apart and put your DIY skills into practice.

When it comes to skinnier jeans styles that are subtly ripped one thing’s certain: they look fantastic with any shoe type, from uber high heels to motorcycle boots or tennis shoes. rippedjeans ripped-jeans-look ripped-jeans-streetstyle ripped-jeans-style ripped-jeans-trend shredded-jeans-street-style skinny-ripped-jeans streetstyle-ripped-jeans street-style-ripped-jeans-1 street-style-Ripped-Jeans winter-style-ripped-jeans Yeah, this trend is been around since forever, but I see no reason why it needs to go. Ripped or even shredded jeans for both girls and boys look cool. Sophisticated & effortless, as if we’re all trying to emulate rock stars. Or hobos.