Gifting is a great way to reflect your love for your girlfriend or wife. Of course Christmas is actually just around the corner, hence this Christmas guide knocking on our doors, so that’s a great excuse to splurge on your loved one. However… when love and kindness collide who’s there to stop you from surprising your partner with a little treat, right!? Nothing sparks love like surprised gifts do.

So thank God for online shopping, cause for real… it’s the best way to make gifts. It saves time, gives you the comfort of your home, privacy on your searches for the best splurge ever, and it’s financially more affordable. Hello sales and discounts! #winwinsituation

Therefore put your worries aside, cause here’s the Christmas Guide with 5 best gifts for your wife:

  1. Phone Cover – Christmas guide #1

According to a survey conducted in the UK, the number of women using smartphones is higher than the number of men using smartphones. Yes, this is true. Cause we know better, doh! 

This is such a no-brainer and simple gift choice, but every girl LOVES a great phone cover: statement, classy, funny… you’re the one who knows your woman best so pick one and make it fun. 

However, a simple phone cover probably won’t stir the excitement which is why you could get personalized phone covers and have a personalized picture of your wife or of you both printed at the back. 

If it sounds too cheesy, then you can get something else printed on it, such as your initials or anything else of significance.

  1. Customized Gift Box

Everyone loves it to the core when our significant other makes an effort to make us happy by choosing a unique gift. If your wife or girlfriend has the same mentality, then you can purchase a gift box. 

The Christmas guide says hit various stores or look online to pick personal care items that your wife uses. Make sure you pick a product that she loves, and if that’s too vague for her, just follow your heart and your instinct: cosmetics, books, jewellery, sunglasses, vinyls if she’s into music, clothes or bags if she’s into fashion… 

Once you’re done shopping for the personal care products, buy some decoration accessories, including ribbons, flowers, decoration papers etc., and have the gift box decorated.

Keep the tiny products in and you’re good to go to make your wife happy with this unique gift.

  1. Coffee Mug

Listen guys, a coffee mug is the best gift ever!!!! And it’s on any gift guide out there, Christmas guide included. 

While there are some cool coffee mugs available on the market, getting a personalized mug can be a good idea. It’s affordable and you can get one printed within hours.

  1. Concealed Carry Purse

We love to keep some things private, just for us, or we just treasure a few others and wanna carry them with us all the time. Or who knows what… but having said that #4 Christmas guide says you can gift your girl a concealed carry purse where she can carry such items. It is a great way to show that you care for your wife, and to show you pay attention to the tres importante details about her. 

You can choose from a variety of luxury looking concealed carry purses and go with the one that suits your wife’s style.

  1. Fragrance

Getting a designer brand fragrance for your wife will never ever ever ever go out of style. Chances are she’s a one-perfume kinda woman so then do some detective work, in the name of this Christmas guide and gift, and find out her fragrance and get her that one.

If she has tons of fragrances that she wears, and she’s adventurous like that… surprise her with your favourite scent maybe.



There you go! Pick any of these 5, or just use them as a Christmas guide and give your girl a little treat this holiday! She’s probably already planning yours. And we wouldn’t want you to feel and look like a fool. 

xoxo D.

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