In case you haven’t yet had your overdose of Christmas I’ll give you one to fill your plate and stop all the fussing over the most dreaaaaaaaring question ever: What am I going to wear for Christmas this year? Parties, family dinners, home parties, film nights, painting the town etc. covered. Am I a pal, or am I a pal?

In my tiny moments of lucidity, when I’m down from my unicorn I do realise I don’t hold all the sartorial answers, but you know me, I like to delude myself once in a blue moon.

Anyway. So apparently it’s almost Christmas and that means 1) eating until I drop. Amen to that!, 2) family dinners, lunches, and what not. God help us! and 3) Playing dress up from one event to another. Yay. Oh, and drinking. Drinking puts everything into a whole new perspective. A better one. Every holiday is basically another excuse to pig out and get intoxicated with your poison of choice. Jack, Hennessy, love, wine, lust, music, hangovers, laziness, Jack. Yeah. I’ll stop now.

What to wear for Christmas in my case always came down to 3 style gimmicks: all-black, something with sequins, and red lips. One of the 3 or all always got me out of trouble. So I thought of sharing with you my little Christmas dressing up guide in case you too are a headless chicken a few hours before running out the door. Here we go.

SEQUINS. I know, groundbreaking innit? Anyway… what better time of the year to drape yourself in sequins and glitter and high shine than Christmas. Whether it’s a sequin dress, a pair of leggins or a skirt, rock it and sprnkle soe of that shit everythere. Glittler that is.

I love the sequin skirt and plain T-shirt of sweater combo. High heels and bold lips are perfect!


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ALL-BLACK. Always gets us out of trouble and never looks dated, au contraire you’ll look polished. Some ignorants wearing reindeer sweaters and khaki pants might ask you why you’re wearing such a depressing colour, but don’t bother. Show them the mirror on the way out and maybe it’ll dawn on them.


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FEMININE. I LOVE this approach especially when done with a 70s twist. A flowy knee length dress paired with over-the-knee-boots and a cozy cashmere cardigan on top, or a faux fur and long flowing locks and… shut the front door.


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SOPHISTICATED. This is fashion lovers on a roll people. From prints to precious fabrics, from bold to mininmal combos it’s a heaven for whover loves to play dress up. Have fun with accessories, and dark lips, and leather, fur, sequins. A bit of everythng in the right amount and the right place and you’ll be one helluva fashion gal wherever the night takes you.


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JEANS. Oh I bet you didn’t see this one coming. Well… it don’t all gotta be high fashion and shit, yet it can all look the part. Jeans can be anything they want to be: casual, cool, effortless, hot, you can dress them up with a silky top, a sequin blouse, a polished blazers, or just wear a very cozy sweater. Have fun with heels and makeup, and add your won spin on it depending on where you go.

I’m starting to fall for white jeans this season. Sigh.


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If all else fails, we’ve got the red lips and big smiles to wear, and that ain’t so bad right? Also… when you’ve got loved ones and tones of food on the table, Wham going on about Last Christmas, who the hell cares what you’re wearing anyway? Seriously now.

Well… I do, but nobody cares what I think so we’re all safe.


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    Well… it don’t all gotta be high form and poo, yet it can all look like it. Pants can be anything they need to be: easygoing, cool, easy, hot, you can dress them up with a smooth main, a sequin pullover, a cleaned overcoats, or simply wear an extremely comfortable sweate



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