Change is good, but it’s also difficult. This simple statement has been pointed out by pop bands over for decades, and it’s grounded in brutal truth. To change your look can be one of the most liberating yet terrifying things that can happen to your life – after all, there’s comfort in security and predictability. But not everyone wants a stable ground; some people thrive on the uncertainty that change brings, as well as the excitement. This is also true for your appearance. Changing the way you look can have great consequences for you spiritually and emotionally.

Think about the last time you went to a hairdressers and came out with a botched job… we’re guessing you didn’t feel too good about it. But then consider the last time you wore a new dress for the first time – it probably felt fantastic. While change generally is hard, there are some steps you can take to instantly modify your look – and your mindset – for the better.

1.Dye your hair

Hair is sacred to everyone. It frames the face and can instantly change the way you look. Dyeing your hair offers you a chance for a rapid transformation from one style to another. You can start off as a redhead and switch to blonde, or use black hair color and transition to a darker look from chestnut brown. The best part about this option is that it’s relatively cheap when you do it at home and you can get results in a few hours. Also, this tip to change your look is reversible. If you don’t like the look, simply change to the next color.

2.Get a wig

If dyeing or cutting your hair is too extreme but you’d still like a different hairstyle, you want to change your look but not fully commit,  a good option is to buy a wig. The benefits of this are numerous. On a surface level, it means you don’t have to risk messing up your hair by cutting it permanently. It also means you have the opportunity to try on a bunch of different styles if you get bored of one. The only downside to this strategy is that it might get quite expensive when buying new wigs, especially if you decide to buy virgin hair wigs (which you should).

3. Acquire new apparel

This is easier said than done as a new wardrobe costs a lot of money. However, if you’ve got some cash to drop and are looking for a quick way to change your appearance, then this is the way to go. Sometimes even one item or accessory can go a long way; a pair of shoes can reinvigorate your entire wardrobe and a new handbag can create new looks you never thought were possible!

4. Get a piercing

The effect a simple piercing can have is quite phenomenal. It adds an entirely new dimension to your style with a tiny bar, stud, or ring. However, getting a piercing should never be a decision that is taken lightly. After all, it involves a fair amount of pain and there’s always the chance that if it’s removed, it will leave a scar. So getting a piercing is always something you should be very sure of before it’s done. But if it means something to you, and you love it a piercing is a great way to change your look.

xoxo D.

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