Pardon my sartorial cold shoulder on this one, but Capri Pants give me mixed feelings, like I don’t not like them (God, I used to wear them in the 2000’s like a lunatic), but I’m not feeling them either. Not quite you know.

Oh, but how little do I know, ’cause you see, every blogger and fashionista out there knows better than me, and every designer fancies these ‘ugly pants’ as they sent them down the runways not too long ago – so I guess I stand alone in my fashion indifference, to say the least, towards capris.

Everyone’s shoving them down my throat, who knows I might get the hang of them again, although to be honest with you, they do say if you did the trend the first time around, sit the second round out. Wish I applied that one to cropped tops, but I can’t.

Okay, so CAPRI Pants are the pants of 2016 summer. Or, they’re struggling to be. I gotta say, I wasn’t a big fan of culottes but man do I fancy them better. And what the fuck are capris anyway? Are they cropped pants? Are they skinnier culottes? Where’s the thin line that divides all pants that end or finish above the ankles and below the knees?

Oh, and then there are the long Bermuda shorts. So talk about a fashion fucking confusion.


When I was younger (yes, I am saying that, and trust me it wasn’t easy to type) CAPRI pants were pretty skinny versions of shorter versions culottes. They ended right around your knees, were pencil cut, even had a side slit for style purposes (God! let’s cringe), and resembled 1950’s versions of the classic and original Capri pants. Or Brigitte Bardot style if you will.

Today they’re a little bit more culottes inspired if you ask me. They are slightly more polished and more modern, not so skinny but rather straight cut. And that’s great.

By the way things are going we might just witness capri leggings with shoes other than sneakers. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point. We’re so dangerously close to the 80s and 2000s in fashion that I give up.

The moment I’ll see glitter asses and low waists making a comeback I’ll know I’m way to old to even bother. Please shoot me if you see my ass covered in velvet glitter pants. Thank you.

Until then, I *might* re-consider capri pants, but I can’t pledge any promises at this point. I really don’t like them and I don’t think they’re very flattering on some people (I am talking about myself of course). I like culottes though. And Bermuda shorts.

No? Okay, if you’re team CAPRI PANTS I do have some picks for you to shop below.

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So, what do you think. But like *really* think you know?



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