In case you didn’t have too much on your plate already, here’s another one. Because, seriously, a coat battle is exactly what we needed. On the field of sartorial battles… oh, a lot of injured and heroes carved their way throughout time, courtesy of none other than us, deciding with our tiny little brains, clouded by trends and boredom, that it’s time for a fashion blood bath over the silliest things ever.

Today, I take the entire blame for such a ruthless shallowness and throw two idiots into battle: the GREY coat versus the CAMEL coat. Side note: I was driven by my own inability to chose. No boredom. No jaded feelings. I’m literally stuck in the choosing game. Story of my life really. That’s another way-too-long and dramatic course of storytelling, inappropriate for both mornings as well as sobriety.

I’m also well aware that the question of choosing between the camel and the grey coat is like being asked ‘Do you like black haired or blonde haired men? Women with green eyes or dark brown?’ 

What are we, fucking 12?

(I like black haired men. and prefer green eyes. of course if Tom Hardy rang on my doorbell I’d have no problem changing my preferences.)

I’ll take the silliness of it all – talking men, and women, and coats and everything, and I’ll roll with it, thank you very much (I’m only human you know, and a quite hedonistic one, what d’you expect?), but the question in the title is still haunting me.

camel-coats grey-coats

Over the past two years or so, the world of winter coats and what is trendy or not anymore has drastically changed. Thank God for that! I mean if I saw one more black basic coat hanging off my or anybody’s shoulders I’d have shot myself. I prefer it like this: all is in, and the rise of personal style triumphs still, hence those uber long coats a la 80s, the faux fur coats, the pink bright ones, the pastel ones. Black coats remained a smart and sometimes-too pretentious piece of shit donned by those who lack imagination, sartorial balls, and too few those who can actually pull it off sans looking generic.

But you see, even with the all-in-fashion movement, there were still gonna be a few fads that stuck out of the crowd.

A while ago the CAMEL COAT was the only coat anyone who knew anything about fashion wore. Its reminiscences of those 70s, its oversized and uber long cut a la 80s made it so intoxicatingly retro, that it looked fabulous clashed against sneakers, and jeans, and sophisticated accessories and styles so modern.

It became the best coat in a long time. Sort of like a very classic with a twist piece. We had finally had enough of black coats. And I adore black outfits, but I adore more the all-black or all-white looks worn with a camel coat. Oh. My. God. Too perfect.

grey-and-camel-coats-trend-2016-4 grey-and-camel-coats-trend-2016-6

And just when we thought the better could not get better, we were rocking GREY COATS. Actually it was grey anything that was and still is making winter waves. So the grey coat, with the same cut and design as the camel one, was born. What is the difference between the two? Aside from the colour of course, it’s their personality. You mocked and condemned my green-eyes, black-eyes comparison, but it is just that.

The grey coat is anything but retro. It’s very sleek, and minimal, and icy cold but comfy. It’s more polished, more sporty luxe somehow, more crispy. A grey coat is the exact homologue of black coat, in a better sartorial world.


And so… the question still lingers. Which would you chose? Why, both of course. Why have one, when I can have two. Goddammit but there’s always gonna be a favourite in my heart.

It will forever be the camel coat. For all it stands for, for that uber warm and sophisticated vibe it promises to do to an outfit, I adore it. It’s like a great lipstick that looks and feels amazing on your lips. It’s like a pair of fantastic shoes. A hold of the hand that lasts a second but lingers with your for months.

For me it embodies the best and most succsesul combo of the retro and modern style. It’s like a 70s girl straight outta ‘Love Story’ film, meets today’s blogger/writer/editor/creative-director/artist and they clash so well, it’s style-friendhsip at first sight.

In case it’s all still a haze which you wanna linger in for a while… I give you the visual style battle of the CAMEL versus the GREY coats.

Scroll away my pretty little sartorials.

Grey coats. (aka icy cold smart modern looks.)


grey-and-camel-coats-trend-2016-11 grey-coat-and-grey-turtleneck grey-winter-coats nyfw-street-style-coats-4 street-style-coats-1 street-style-coats-2 street-style-coats-3 street-style-coats-4 street-style-coats-5 street-style-coats-11 street-style-coats-12 street-style-coats-17 Street-Style-June-2015-88 winter-coats-trend-2016-camel-versus-grey-1 winter-coats-trend-2016-camel-versus-grey-2 winter-coats-trend-2016-camel-versus-grey-4 winter-coats-trend-2016-camel-versus-grey-6

Paris Fashionweek day 8, fw 2014

winter-coats-trend-2016-camel-versus-grey-10 winter-coats-trend-2016-camel-versus-grey-17

Camel coats. (aka soft warm sophisticated retro looks.)

*grey-and-camel-coats-trend-2016-2 grey-and-camel-coats-trend-2016-7 grey-and-camel-coats-trend-2016-8 grey-and-camel-coats-trend-2016-9 grey-and-camel-coats-trend-2016-12 new-york-stockholm-streetstyle P1010844 Stockholm-Fashion-week-August-2014 street-style-camel-coats-12 Street-Style-Chic-Coats-1 street-style-coats-7 street-style-coats-16 winter-coats-trend-2016-camel-versus-grey-3 winter-coats-trend-2016-camel-versus-grey-5 winter-coats-trend-2016-camel-versus-grey-11 winter-coats-trend-2016-camel-versus-grey-12 winter-coats-trend-2016-camel-versus-grey-13 winter-coats-trend-2016-camel-versus-grey-14 winter-coats-trend-2016-camel-versus-grey-16

Now if your shoulders are longing for a coat, be it grey or camel, that effortlessly hangs off of them, here are my picks for you:


I’ve been told one too many times I am too much, and tend to cause a mess and a few extra problems that usually normal people do not fancy. Personally I see nothing wrong with it. The only reason I’m always posing questions, and I am questioning everything is cause of my longing to know everything. (That, and also, I hate being taken for a fool.) Isn’t life so much more fun with extra choices, extra chocolate, extra salt, extra sweet and spicy. With hypothetical scenarios. With battles for show. With picking sides, cause you know you always have to pick a side. Unless of course you’re a neutral robot. Then you’re safe.

Oh YES I am still talking about coats. Somewhere between those lines anyway.


We can talk about anything actually. Like, what song are you now listening to right now?


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  1. Kiks amamIo says:

    I am having A major dillema in my life. Black, camel, or grey coat. It would be best If i have one of each but i am not that rich enough to buy all three in one go. I thought i was crazy googling for an answer but i found this. Thanks for posting this! It helped me in my decision making, not that i have decided anything yet. 😂

  2. Meow says:

    I know this is a super old post, but I just wanted to chime in that the camel coat definitely looks more chic and in accordance with fall colors. 😉


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