Just when I thought we finally got to the bottom of all this ‘men with or without beards grooming war’ it dawned on me, that we never will. As long as there are 1) boys who grow hair on their faces, hipsters, and lumbersexuals, with their entourage of other boys and girls who love facial hair in all its sizes and shapes, and, 2) razor blades and beautiful chiseled cheeks and jawlines  – the world my friends… will be divided.

However, the good news is men and beards grooming is no longer just a fashion fad, or an antithesis but a lifestyle, a normal natural thing that even those un-kept cool dudes resort to in order to look… un-kept aka 2 days old stubble, un-shaved, and rugged. If you think they’re just lazy, you couldn’t be further from the truth. A clean shaved face is in fact a lazy method, a cop-out these days, as opposed to a full beard, or a couple of days stubble, which actually need more grooming, attention, and dedication than a little newborn.

So how do the wizard-men in our lives do it?

How do they make a 2 days stubble an all around look? A Jesus beard a full-time job? And a clean shaved face a jawline and cheeks perfection?

First of all technology has come a long way since the straight razor, bristle brushes, and barber poles. The blades are getting smarter, faster, and easier than ever to adjust for the perfect length and ideal trim to suit every face and preference. For the man with a tight schedule, that means beards grooming times are shortened.

Going from full winter beard to a stylish stubble with straight lines or intricate details is not a problemo. Whether  today’s busy man desires a sharp trim, a quick touch-up, or needs a head down overhaul, one shaver, aka gadget, and why not potential gift, should do the job fast, efficient, and easy.

Hello those multigroom tools, that have become to men what lipstick is to us women. Well, maybe not really, but you get the idea. Therefore… men gift alert. #easterisalmosthere

What do these multigroom tool apparatuses do to our boys’ pretty faces? 

No matter what beard thickness, a multigroom tool is perfect to get the job done. Period. I mean it’s no secret some men’s facial bushes are as thick and hard as razor blades themselves, while others are soft like a newborn’s butt. (the newborn reference must be due to my pregnancy #eyeroll)

The result is a comfortable shave and glide smoothly over the skin, and minimal irritation. More so a clever shaving tool will also be their best friend when it comes to their nose and ears little hairs. Nobody wants those suckers, and nobody wants any pain, pulls, or snags when getting rid of them… so help yo’ man glide and slide through his grooming you know. 

Why do all men need a fancy shaving tool? 

Because it saves both our asses: we get them a great gift, and they… can become the kings of beards grooming. Plus, these new tools charge fast, are cordless, waterproof, low-maintance, and a fashion and styling freedom and versatility to your man.

I mean… he’ll be one happy bloke, excited to play around with his face bush, and get adventurous with his style options: full beard, stubble, chiseled faces…

So then is the question to shave or not to shave actually pretty stupid in 2018? Basically all men shave, even those covered in beards… right?!

Guys, we need your help here. Talk to us, and shed some light on your beards grooming. Is the Q in the title still pertinent in 2018, or is it all just a matter of taste, personal style, and preference?

I think if the guy has a gorgeous face why hide it your know…


xoxo D.

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