There’s no such thing as better than summer, however, thanks to autumn must-have pieces and hot chocolates, cappuccinos and croissants – rainy days look more appealing. Right?

A bit of freezing chill is great for layering, which in itself is an amazing style gimmick for the connoisseurs. That massive grey scarf you wear, wrapped 2,345 times around yourself looks better with your hair tucked in and face snuggled in there, while your pretty and frozen hand from underneath a cool coat is holding your fave hot drink.

You know what I’m saying?

Vain as I may sound, or shallow to some fashion ignoramus who thinks they’re above clothes though they’re wearing them… in winter, I find comfort in fashion. That’s it. And food of course.

One thing that always happens to the fashion lot in fall is the sartorial hunt for autumn must-have pieces to wear all throughout the cold season.

The other lot, that I want to be part of, is into fashion but wants to shop less, and only invest in autumn staples, or just make better use of the ones we already have.

What do we keep this autumn and what do we ditch? What are this autumn’s must-have pieces to buy and wear? Which ones make us look trendy but classy, and which can translate into tons of outfits for the entire cold season? And maybe next one as well. That, my friends is the question.




All shades of grey, nudes, caramel, camel are in. The vibe is still luxe, and soft silky sophisticated. The coats are long, as long as your silhouette allows you to wear, dramatic style swiping the floors like a good Cruella, or, if you’re shorter, or just love less drama in your clothes – go for medium length coats.

The style is wrapped like in a bath robe, effortless and so cozy you make kids jealous of how warm you look.

Chose styles that are a bit oversized, with long lapels and big pockets maybe, and belts.


Shop my fave coats here (click on image to see & buy):



Cool ankle boots are #1 autumn must have pieces, having their moment right now, so if you want to invest in just one item this season go for a pair of patent ankle boots, silver styles, or snake print ones.

The 2018 fall ankle boots have block heels, square-round’ish toes, and are more fitted on the leg. They look fab with boot cut jeans, just slightly cropped to show them off, or mini skirts, dresses, and any type of bottom that allows a peak into the funky shoes you’re wearing.

Stilettos ankle boots with a pointy toe are classic and they’ll always be in, but if you wanna still be staple envy chose them in red or wild prints and wear them to office in smart classic outfits or to dinner with  a pair of cool jeans.

Shop my fave ankle boots here (click on image to see & buy):



While all knits are autumn must-have pieces for fall, this season sweaters are bigger and slouchier but more polished somehow. Prints are not so trendy anymore, in fact nude taupe, camel, brown, grey white black colours are stars, guaranteed to look fabulous in sweaters that are tucked in dressy pants for work, or slouching over a pair of jeans.

From turtlenecks to scoop necks or intricate backs – as long as the sleeves are loooooong, and the fabric so soft you die, good quality spotted form miles away, with a fashion edge that has more to do with sophistication rather than loud cuts and prints – 2018 sweaters are luxe and comfy.

Shop my fave big sweaters here (click on image to see & buy):



Few years back, kint dresses in midi length and somewhat tight style were big autumn must have pieces. Somewhere between Kim Kardashian circa 2000’s style and Nicole Richie we all wore them, hell you can still wear them but just style them differently.

However… 2018 cold season is leaning more towards a sophisticated style if you will. The knit dresses are long, big, slouchy, in the same taupes, nudes, grey’ish colours. You can also go for solids like dark deep reds, blues, greens.

All styles look amzzing with ankle boots or even better, knee or thigh high boots, so that the dress overlaps the shoes. You can layer it with coats, jackets, scarfs. It’s a very grown up but relaxed look.

Shop my fave big knit dresses here (click on image to see & buy):



Forget boyfriend, baggy, or skinny styles. Remember those jeans supermodels of the 90s used to wear back in the day? Fitted, but not tight, with a high waist, slight distress, maybe cropped a bit around the ankles, a tiny cowboy crotch, a bit of a wedge, sitting so good on you, but not painted on? Classic Levis.

That style is the bomb this season. It’s grown up, it’s cool, and it looks fabulous with just about anything.

If you don’t have them (note to myself) get them. You’ll wear them a lifetime.

Shop my fave classic jeans here (click on image to see & buy):



This summer the dressy pants were the new maxi skirts. Well… what do you say, what do you know? This autumn, the pencil skirt is the new pants or something.

The pencil skirts of 2018 are big, statement, cool, and sophisticated. They have ruffles, slits, wraps, ribbons, they’re flouncy, peplum, tight, flirty – you name it, the pencil skirt of the 2018 has it.

They look amazing styled with tight turtlenecks, or tucked in soft sweaters, expensive statement jewellery, a good fragrance on. So grown up and chic.

Shop my fave funky pencil skirts here (click on image to see & buy):


All the street style photos you’ll need for autumn outfits inspo!!!!


I solemnly swear this autumn to only buy 1 of each of the 6 essentials in this post. #fingerscrossed

xoxo D.







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