25 Trends That Are Over In 2018!

Ladies… after billions of what to wear posts, and trend this or that – it is time to talk what NOT to wear anymore, as the end of 2017 caught me in a very critique/know-it-all with a dash of let’s clean our lives kinda mood. Well… that is never an easy task, the life thing, hence today’s post on what trends that are over in 2018 aka cleaning out our closets. #easier

While in fashion ‘all is in’ these days, or so it seems, truth is the sartorial world is filled with recycled trends that we just (hopefully) learn to perfect over time. However, some things are dated, old, tacky, OR the way we used to wear them circa 2015 for example is not a great look anymore.

On the other hand, there are people, the great style gurus, who can make any item as old and dated as it would be, to look incredibly cool. See the rise of the scrunchie for example.

At the end of the day when it comes to fashion a lot of things are debatable, and some things come down to having great style. YET a lot of other things make me cringe when I see them. There I said it. Some things are plain ugly or dated, and more often than not the wearer, as pretty and kind they may be ruins the outfit. #sojudgeme

Anyway… here’s a list of some trends that are over, and some trends that must die already.

1.Wedge Shoes

Wedge boots, ankle boots, or even worse pumps are dated. Yes I know not everyone is a gazelle, but if Kim Kardashian can say goodbye to her platform pumps (which too are so dead) than so can we wave goodbye to trends that are over.

I must confess I hate wedge boots, yet I own a pair of simple black suede ones that I just can’t find myself to throw away for the simple reason that I love how they make my legs look a billion floors high, skinny, and so statuesque I feel like Giselle. I don’t know what I’m gonna do about them… but I’ll definitely think twice when putting them on. That’s to say I’ll try to have such a great style on that day, so that these wedges play out the outfit just great. Black skinny jeans paired with a black oversized sweater and some great earrings might save the day.

Also, the style of the wedge shoes is very important, cause while we might get away with wedge ankle boots and boots, YOU HAVE TO STOP at the wedge sneakers. For real. Those have been dead and buried for years now.

Therefore, try these shoes for 2018.


2. Big jewellery.

#crying Fashion is headed more towards minimal jewellery, OR bold and beautiful but sleek and classy. So we kinda need to say good-bye to those big colourful necklaces in a thousand blinging gem stones, and to the billion bangle bracelets in favour of more subtle pieces, or statement earrings.

Instead of focusing on jewellery trends that are over, wear pieces more like these:


3. Tiny jackets.

Thank. God. They. Are. Gone. Tiny blazers, too fitted leather jackets, denim jackets that are a perfect match for a toddler – those are gone. If the jacket is above your hip-bone, and is so tight I can hear your heartbeat… it has to go. Hopefully it died a while ago, but in case it didn’t, here’s your reminder.

Instead opt for longer hems, and more loose styles, but still fitted.


4. Low waists.

If the pants are skin-tight they’d better have a mid to high waist, cause the low waists are so 2000’s that I think everyone knows by now not to do them anymore. If however you wanna do them… you can! Just pick more loose pants styles that hang off your hips.

But please note that the low waist is not at all flattering: it makes your legs shorter, it exposes your muffin tops and so on. Hight waist is the best and more flattering. Not to mention comfortable.


5. Skinny jeans.

I am crying typing this bit of trends that are over, but I’m also well aware they’re not the first jeans choice anymore for a lot of women, myself included. I do still wear them occasionally when they just look better you know. Like a casual summer or spring outfit with a basic top and a pair of espadillers or sneakers. High waist and ripped knees and I’m good to go.

However they’re not the first choice anymore for a grown-up and more sophisticated look.

Instead try these:


6. Printed leggings.

If we’re talking gym wear they’re fine, they’re perfect actually. However a lot of us are wearing leggings outside the gym during our running errands kinda days, or on more sporty luxe outfit situations and so on, or even in winter layered underneath a massive long sweater.

In these cases pick one color leggings, and stay away from those graphic printed styles that used to always be paired with uggs. They’re gone for now.

Wear these instead.


7. Over-styled hair and makeup

If I see one more socket bun, over-styled curls, or perfectly done makeup (contour and a thousand other visible layers on a daily basis) I will scream. Listen, while I’m all for natural looking hair just cause mine is an idiot who never cooperates, when it comes to makeup I’m a huge fan, and I love love love to wear makeup and use any excuse to put on lipstick and do my face, but there’s a difference between a 9 pm dinner dance makeup and a 9 am one, right?

Know your features, and enhance them, don’t hide them. And hair wise… au natural.


8. Tulle skirts

Some people just can’t let them go. You guys, hello trends that are over!!! They were super trendy a loooooooong time ago, but now they just make us look like ridiculous real life overly gown up dolls. Ya’ gotta let ’em go.

Try normal skirts for normal people for example:


9. Infinity scarves

They’re great but they’re ugly, and pretty dated. The best scarves version these days is the massive wide styles that look more like blankets than long thin scarves, and thank God for that. They also force us to style them differently which was problem #2 with infinity scarves. Very unflattering.

Wear these scarves instead:


10. Fur boots.

Oh my… they’re specific to those people who are over-styled and over-trendy, like they never pick the black ugg boots for example but the pink ugg with a bit of fur lining and maybe some gems. #facepalm Trust me I have seen these women (yes women!) around town and I don’t know what looks more ridiculous – those desperate hideous 4 year old boots on a 34 year old, OR the fact that the wearers are so damn proud of ‘nailing’ the trendy look.

You want furry boots? Try these if you have to:


11. Too trendy styles

Listen, not everything that’s a trend is worth wearing, and certainly not all trends at once. If you’re a teen it’s fine, you get a free pass on a the fashion stupid mistakes out there, in fact do them now. But if you’re a grown-up… stick to staples and trends that are not exaggerated.

Try cool trendy staples like these:


12. Caterpillar jackets.

Lawd help me! I hated them when they first came out and I despise them still. But forget about me… even fashion itself is calling them dated and extremely unflattering. Besides, they may be puffy and warm, but they’re too short and make no winter or style sense anyway.

Instead try these winter puffer jacket:


13. Too thick false lashes.

Om my God, how much time you got people? I could vent about the ridiculousness of thick big false lashes for weeks in a row. Again I am amazed at how many followers this trend still has and how cool and feminine the wearers think they look. For years in a row I waited and waited to see more and more brides sans false eyelashes that looked like a fly’s wing. It never happened. In fact, the trend of these fake false lashes is replaced by lash extensions that is a beauty gimmick quite misunderstood (again!) by the same crowd.

If your lids are too heavy, if when it rains the raindrops get caught up in that lashes maze, if it looks too much and too fake it probably is.

KEEP THEM SIMPLE AND NATURAL. Lash extensions are amazing just don’t overdo it. Think Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian false lashes instead of say… Kylie who tends to overdo it.


14. Slouchy bags.

They lack in elegance and tend to look cheaper. Instead pick boxier shapes, and good quality bags, big, small, or micro – but go for styles that have a clear shape and can ‘stand up’ (for lack of better word) on their own.


15. Coloured tights.

This side of the 60s is over. Besides, what are you, 5? I never ever liked this trend in my life and always felt a bit left behind for not joining the coloured legs crowd. Well… I’m not anymore.

Choose black tights. Period.


16. Too ripped jeans.

When it comes to shredded jeans only some styles look very dated and very trendy, or the way we wear them might be un-cool. Avoid too tight ripped jeans, and too shredded. Try to pair them with more toned down items if you really can’t let them go.


17. Platform heel pumps

Stripper heels. Let. Them. Go. Kardashians used to be massive fans of this shoe trend up until Kanye stepped in and showed them better.

You must avoid them at all costs and wear these instead:


18. Floppy hats.

Fashion says we gotta let them go, and I couldn’t be happier about it, cause they never stuck on my head and in my heart anyway. But if you’re a fan… rock it what can I say.

These hat styles though are way way way prettier:


19. 2000’s sunglasses.

You know those sunglasses that Nicole Richie or Kim Kardashian used to wear early 2000’s? Yeah. Talk about trend that are over, so please let them be, especially if they’re adorned by some gems and rhinestones.

Instead pick these styles:


20. Fitted layers.

Why be a tight onion when you can be a loose cool cabbage? What I’m really saying is that layers should always be worn loose, and cool, and effortless. So don’t wear some fitted long top, over some too skinny jeans, and top it off with another fitted button-down and that short tight jacket I was telling you about.

Layers are supposed to create dimension to our bodies, to hide, conceal, to ooze coolness and warmth. Not visually cut the body and make it look like a stuffed sausage.

So pick layer staples like these:


21. Coordinated looks.

This is a common mistake among fashion lovers and un-savyes alike. Those who wanna look fashionable but are a bit clueless. No problemo… the key is to not coordinate anymore. There was a time when coordinating your shoes to your bag to your hat and belt and lipstick color was considered a sign of femininity and great style. Yeah. Those times ended when your grandma probably turned 40.

Don’t match your shoes to your belt and earrings and lipstick, or the color of your makeup or God knows what. It looks very overstayed and dated.

Instead pick pieces that just go well together.


22. Big belts.

You know those big wide belts that we used to wear cinged at the waist over a loose sweater or button-down? They are gone!

Instead wear belts on your jeans or around your coat.


23. Peplum.

This trend is long long long long gone, but in case you missed the memo… this is a reminder. However… some peplum tops are not too bad if you style them properly. A black sleeveless peplum looks pretty good with a pair of black cigarette pants or even skinny jeans and classic heel pumps.

Your call, but don’t go overboard.


24. Excessive lip fillers.

There I said it. I do not like this beauty trend at all, how it got out of hand and how some doctors just don’t pay attention to the face features when injecting too much lip filler in faces that were once so so beautiful is beyond stupid. It’s a shame and a pity, and it’s sad, cause instead of us accepting our features for what they are we end up looking alike. Which would be fine, were it not grotesque.

Do the botox, do the lip fillers, nobody cares, we all wanna look the best we can – but don’t go overboard.

Some girls can’t smile or talk properly and have lost all the natural movement and look of the mouth.

Do everything with balance and don’t alter beautiful features over a beauty trend.

25. Too long jeans/pants

I wish I had this problem all day everyday, but I don’t. If I did I’d trim them, or just plain cut them. Why? Because too long jeans or pants make legs look shorter, frumpier and have no purpose. If getting them tailored is too much of a hassle just cut them. It will look much better than a ton of fabric sitting above your foot.

Hope you took this with a smile and share in the comments below your most despicable trends or looks.

xoxo d.