You know that to earn the “wedding of the year” title isn’t that easy. However, to make the first step in getting it is to decide what style and color decorations would be a perfect match for your wedding. Therefore, this article is here for making up your mind about the best color and style for your wedding.

We all have dreamed of our wedding day as little girls, haven’t we? Imagining yourself in a dress that seems too good to be true with a beautiful bridal bouquet walking down the aisle. Take a moment and try to remember your perfect wedding picture with all the details and emotions you experienced back then. ‘Cause with all these wedding rush you need to find a moment to just exhale and let these childhood memories plunge you into the world of dreams and become your meditation in some way.

While you are gaining strength, let’s continue planning the wedding with more pleasant and important details such as choosing the color and style of the wedding.

This article reveals trendy colors and styles of the future 2020 year so that you can choose the best ones for your wedding. We will show you how to combine the selected styles with trendy colors using examples so you can imagine how they work together.


This style is always about elegance, sophistication and laconicism. You can’t disagree that this style is a true classic, not just a fleeting trend. If we talk about a wedding bouquet, then the best choice would be a mono-bouquet i.e., composed of only one kind of flowers. Mono-bouquets will always be relevant due simplicity and the natural beauty of flowers.

Grace and tenderness, quality of fabric, original cut, lack of decor these are the main criteria in choosing a dress in the style of minimalist.

The beauty of minimalist is that it does not overload information and focuses on small details through which you can reveal the identity of your couple like, for example, invitations. Simple but creative is what you are looking for, no need to make them with a lot of decor or complex fonts.

A wedding in a minimalist style dictates its own rules. Minimum of jewelry for maximum effect, isn’t that chic?

Suitable color

Of course, it’s Brilliant White, there is nothing more perfect and pure than a snow-white color for a wedding in a minimalist style. A dress-code in white would be a good idea, because simple elegance is about minimalist.


Victorian style is all about luxury and nobility, but we insist on adding a romantic touch. As for the bridal look, then there is nothing more romantic than puff sleeves, flounces, lace and open shoulders. Imagine how such a dress will emphasize the fragility and elegance of the bride.

In addition to the bridal look will be a wedding bouquet with pearls and lace decor in it to give a vintage look.

When it comes to wedding invitations use a script font that gives the feeling of handwriting or you can actually try to write it yourself on an aged paper and wrapping everything in a lace ribbon. Such an invitation will add a feeling of a love letter and guests will feel become a part of your love story. Isn’t it romantic?

To create the right atmosphere use all the rare things that you will find. A wedding in this style will be light, gentle and very touching.

Suitable color

We think that Coral Pink will be perfect, because its delicate shade creates the atmosphere of tenderness and romance suitable for this Victorian style. A great option for the photo zone with the addition of greenery and wedding textiles.


Comfort, convenience and functionality are important for a modern bride, that is why her choice today is a pantsuit. In 2020, trousers are increasingly coming to the fore when choosing a wedding outfit. It’s already impossible to surprise anyone with a classic trouser suit, so the designers came up with elegant trousers for brides with a wedding train. So it’s some kind of a mix of business wardrobe and wedding attire.

There will be two hot modern trends in the coming year such as: jumpsuit and…SHORTS! If your wedding will be held in summer, then, believe us, in such an unbearable heat, shorts will be your salvation. Another plus is that at last everyone will be able to see your tanned taut legs that will not be hidden under a full skirt.

An ideal invitation for a wedding in a modern style would be an electronic invitation. Now you can implement an electronic invitation not only in the format of the picture, but also in the format of the invitation site. How cool is that?

What could be more modern than technology? That is why with the development of technology, mapping has become the main wedding trend in 2020. Mapping is the projection of specially created video on embossed surfaces, such as buildings. This will definitely immerse you into the atmosphere of fiction and you will feel as if in a fairy tale.

Modern wedding bouquets look a bit disheveled and careless what gives them a natural touch. But what will make it truly in a modern style is to put a Go Pro camera in your bride’s bouquet so that the most touching moments will be taken from your face. You will be like a walking mobile phone tracker, so parents can not worry where their children will be, because an all-seeing bouquet watches them, haha. Anyway, at the end of the evening you can show the mounted video and the guests will be surprised for sure. 

Suitable color

For the wedding in a modern style will be perfect to add some bright accents, for example Flame Scarlet color. Bright, pure, hot color will look great on the bride’s lips, bridesmaids’ dresses and in wedding’s floristry.

Remember that trends are just trends, we all know how fleeting they are. So, you need to rely on your own taste and preferences since this day is only yours and your fiancé, just do whatever you want, ‘cause you own it to that little girl inside you.

xoxo D.

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  1. Sabrina Addams says:

    I loved that you had the idea of getting a mono-bouquet, one made up of only one type of flower, to make it simple and highlight the pure beauty of the flower. My roommate from college is getting married in May and is trying to figure out what she wants her bouquet to look like for her big day. Her favorite are dahlias, so I think it’d look so lovely if she bought some cut flowers of that type to hold in the pictures.


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