From the reign of the blazer to animal print trend, if 2018 had a name it’d be bold, beautiful and the year od the fashion comebacks. Okay, that’s a lot of words for one name… but… you get my point. In 2018 autumn we celebrate and wear on rotation: blazers, plaid, snake prints, wild prints, classic jeans, cropped pants, powers suits… vintage big earrings, statement bags. #fashioncomebacks

However, autumn 2018 also has a more quite side, a minimal side, a side that comes so handy on those days when you wanna look like you barely tried but still put together. Sort of minimal chic in blue jeans and white shirt kinda style.

Shoes mean a lot this season, from dad sneakers to combat boots or stiletto heels – they sort of give the tone to a look that’s otherwise more simple and basic than it used to be.

If you’re out to get the fads focus on prints and coloured boots, white ankle boots are massive this season, but if you’re out to splurge on staples I think either of these 7 pieces are worth investing in:

  • plaid blazer
  • animal print dress
  • classic boot-cut jeans
  • kitten heel boots
  • white shirt (blouses and shirts will have a huge fashion moment this season #personalprediction)
  • a power-suit
  • a good bag (depends on your style and necessity, you can be a tiny-bag-kinda gal, or the opposite)

Spend the big money on staples and the fast cash on those fads.


Shop my autumn guide here:



My fave 2018 autumn pieces remain: classic jeans, white shirt, a plaid blazer and white kitten heel boots. I need to shop ALL of these pieces asap. How about you, what are your faves this season?



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