Don’t know if you remember that blog rant in which I went on, and on, and on about this early autumn’s big trend – blankets. Well… not to brag about it or anything, but they stuck. More so, they actually turned into quite a trend – hence today’s topic on the oversized scarf. Okay, an observer does not a trendsetter make, I know that much, but just let me wallow in this thought for a while.

OK. Done. I’m good now.

oversized scarf

The Oversized Scarf Trend

The blankets trend with the capes and ponchos were not just a natural course fashion took once the cold season was upon us, but I dare say it had a lot to do with those LV blankets handsome men and boys were covered in at some Fashion Week one or two seasons ago. Remember those?

oversized scarf

A season later, as in 2015 Autumn/Winter BAM! all the gurus decided why the hell not, why settle for less when we can have more. The bigger the better right? In terms of scarves the saying might as well be true and taken literally cause it’s a bloody blizzard out there.

So here we are today, all bundled up and covered in oversized scarves that resemble duvets and super chunky, or soft, or plaid blankets. Maybe they are blankets. And if they were, who the hell would know anyway?

Winter comes with a lot of mustS in terms of looks, and scarves are among them, so we might as well make the best of it and do the trend. It’s not only easy to pull off, but super affordable, and quite necessary one might add.

oversized scarf

How To Master The Oversized Scarf Look?

Well… imagine you’re home and you’re cold, watching TV or having coffee with a friend and you just pull over your shoulders your favorite blanket. THAT’s the idea, I think. Effortless. Granny Parisian chic and je m’en fiche.

So you can wear the massive scarf either over your shoulders, OR just tie it up, around your neck until your’re warm enough. That should be the only rule. No 3 ties to the left, one knot, 2 to the right rules. NO. Just plain spur of the moment mixed with staying warm stuff.

oversized scarfoversized scarfoversized scarf

Or you can do the tube or the circle scarf and just roll it around your neck one, or a hundred times if you want to. Up to you stylers. :)

oversized scarf

One thing I’ve noticed, but I agree it’s personal taste, the oversized scarf looks best with heels on. It’s more balanced. Even a pair of chunky heeled boots just makes the whole hobo look/granny style, less hobo and dusted and more sophisticated.

oversized scarfoversized scarf

A big fuss is made around the heavy knitted/chunky scarves. Doh. No surprise here with all the knits and chunky obsession, and sweaters, and cardigans that’s going on today.

oversized scarf

Then there are the plaid blankets. I mean scarves. Beautiful!

chunky-scarves-street-style (4)oversized-scarf-winter-look (4)oversized-scarf-winter-look (9)oversized-scarf-winter-lookoversized-scarves-2015-trend (2)oversized-scarves-style (2)

Then it’s those super soft cashmere or expensive wool scarves in luxurious white, grey, camel, nude, or dark classic colors. It’s like they exude the elegance, beauty & richness of a this woman living in Mayfair, in a loft to die for, smelling of expensive perfume and drinking champagne all day. Sigh.

*or maybe I just hit my head or something.

chunky-scarves-street-style (2)oversized-scarf-winter-look (10)oversized-scarves-2015-trendscarves

The fur ones are still in. A doh is necessary here as well, with all the faux fur trend happening right now.

oversized-fur-scarves-looksoversized-scarf-winter-look (3)

And very very important ladies, and gentlemen… if you still feel cold, or not quite close enough to nailing this oversized bundling up trend – I have one word for you: LAYERS. Layer up on scarves, and up your print and pattern mixing game and do a style statement around your neck.

You’re not gonna get it wrong, that’s the beauty of it. Well… you might, but what the hell.

I was just thinking now about all the winter scarves I have and what if I started piling them on… No No No!

So there you go. There is a rule to this scarf piling … do same texture scarves, and keep one of them around your neck, and the other more as a shawl over your shoulders. (that’s one thought).

I guess…

oversized-scarves-style (6)oversized-scarf-winter-look (5)oversized-scarves-style (5)

If not, I’ll just stick with my duvet for when I’m trying to be hobo-chic, and plaid blanket for that Olsens’-slash-Fashion-Week-off-duty-models sophistication.

With one thing, and one thing only in mind: it’s all about size this season. 

As if it ever stopped being so.

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