Some trends we seek, like we want them to happen, and some… we just stumble into. There’s certainly nothing new about white denim, it’s always been there, we just took it for granted, until of course our redundant-ness with the blue denim and the regular jeans took their toll on us. Apparently skinnies are out (I ain’t buying into that shit. The thought alone is sheer panic for me.), and anything white is in.

I like it. I mean, I like denim. And I sometimes like white outfits, so I guess that means I like this trend too, huh?

Here’s how it is: white denim looks amazing on everyone, and I’d like to think I’m part of the lot, but I’m still struggling with the all-black #OOTD to white transition. White is fresh, it’s so photogenic, it’s so spring’ish, and so bright. That’s suppose to be a good thing.

And then there’s the don’t stain them situation, which is a MAJOR issue. I have been know to wear white jeans on say… 10 occasions, and in 8 of them I sat in gum, spilled drinks, food, makeup, you name it… I did it. And now I own a pair of dirty white jeans.

Nonetheless, the white denim is a beautiful switch and a great denim variation. I mean we can only have so much blue going on. It’s fresh, and clean, and very sophisticated luxe, or sporty high fashion, or summer casual.

And it challenges us. Not like literally, I mean how hard can it be to style white denim? But like fun-challenging. Like we’re spicing things up a bit.


HOW TO WEAR WHITE DENIM? Regardless of the item in Q (white jeans, white overalls, white skirts, white jackets) white denim looks fab paired with white (hello, all white looks), blue, stripes, and black of course.

Well, any colour combo actually works with white, but personally I find them too preppy for my taste, too fashion-mainstream-predictable, or boring if you will.

Flares are in, so white flared jeans paired with this A. Wang white tee, or a simple striped top, a nude one, a dusted blue, or even a military green is 70s done 2016. LOVE.


Then there’s the white baggy jeans that I love paired with a crop top and a blazer for example.


The white skinny jeans must have a high waist and though they may be dying I love the all-fitted-hawt look. Pair them with a tight turtleneck. Or a loose button down, that too works.


A white denim jacket… which I almost bought yesterday (not too late thought) is great with an all -black outfit I think, or a nude-brown-ish look. It can look fab paired with a midi skirt (either flared or pencil) and a crop top.


Have fun with white denim, but not too much fun. No spilled drinks and food y’all.



What do you think: too hard to pull off IRL, or been there done that and imma do it again?



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