Every girl knows the power of a great hairstyle. There is no way to beat long, luscious locks of thick hair, and that’s why you’ve seen long hair everywhere from the runway to celebrity Instagrams recently. Long hair doesn’t have to be complicated. Hair extensions make it possible for women with all different types of hair to achieve their most luscious locks yet, even if they don’t have millions to spend at the salon. 

So how do you find the right hair extensions? This process can be confusing for newbie hair aficionados. There are a lot of confusing terms and types of hair extensions that might not make sense if you’ve never done more than a traditional cut and style. This guide will explore the different kinds of hair extensions so you can choose the best one for your style. 

Clip In Extensions

You might remember using clip in hair extensions at your sixth-grade birthday party when you wanted to add pink streaks to your hair. These extensions have come a long way since then, and they’re available in all colors and qualities today. Think of clip ins as a starting point for those looking to experiment with their hairstyles. Not sure you’re ready to commit to new length or even a new color? These are for you. 

Clip-ins are easy to apply yourself, and you don’t need to schedule a date at the salon. They’re usually applied directly to the nape of the neck and up your head. They can then be styled like the rest of your hair to create a seamless effect. 

Tape Ins

One of the newest and most popular types of hair extensions are called tape ins. The name is confusing, but they do actually have a strip of adhesive tape on them. You can apply tape ins at home by yourself, but they’re much more successful when applied by a professional. 

You can place the hair right up to the roots and, as your hair grows out, the extensions move with it. They can even be reused once they grow out. The only problem with tape ins is that they’re prone to sliding if you wash your hair frequently. They also require a higher level of maintenance, so they aren’t ideal for those who aren’t serious about their new hairstyle. 

Fusion Extensions

Fusion extensions aren’t for a passing whim. They take the most time to apply to your hair, and they’re also the most expensive in most cases. Fusion involves creating a keratin bond between the root of your hair and the extension. They last up to 6 months and blend seamlessly with your real hair. 

Like tape ins, fusion extensions need proper maintenance to look their best. Without gentle and regular hair brushing, the hair might start to dread within your hair. They’ll also need to be removed by a professional who will need to use a clamp to rebreak the bond within the strands. For a permanent long hair solution, fusion gets the job done right. 

Links or Beads

Links, also known as micro links or beads, are strands that are attached to your hair by clamping the lock to your roots. While you might feel more than fusion extensions, this type of application isn’t noticeable and creates a natural effect. With link extensions, you will have the need to find hair extensions experts since the process requires a professional. 

Because the hair is attached through a link, you’re able to reuse the hair. Link hair, unlike the fusion method, doesn’t damage your hair in the process. For those who want healthy, natural looking hair extensions, link extensions are the best choice. 

Achieving your hair goals sometimes feels like a full-time job. While you can’t grow healthy, gorgeous hair overnight, you can play with extensions to get the look you’ve been eyeing on Instagram. As long as you’re committed to maintaining your hair extensions, your locks will take your look to new levels. 

xoxo D.

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